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Closed: a 'SEARCH' feature for message board
By DandyDon 2 I don't have to read all of them to find what i'm looking for !
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Closed: Charts category: 'Feel Good' songs
By DandyDon 2
Best "Feel Good' Songs of All Time 1. What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong 2. Beautiful Morning - Rascals 3. Love Train - O...
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Closed: A checking system for read feedback
By Lise1755 26
I find it difficult to keep track of the feedback on recordings. Cause like many people, I like to respond to comments. And was...
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Closed: Organize my own recordings
By Songslinger 43
It would be nice if I could move my recordings around in my list or categorize them by kind, so listeners can go straight to a ...
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Closed: what you see when you and other people play bac...
By AngelMagicMuse 8
I think that when you or other people play back your recordings that there should be options of what you see such as a picture ...
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Closed: Blue Screen type effect
By KaraokeBankers 6
Hi! Kudos on the great video effects! Certainly something very new and refreshing! How about adding a new "Blue Screen" effect ...
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Closed: to have vocals of the songs
By rudii 2
To have a choice of vocals to hear and instrumental to play and record if u dont know a song u can hear and pick it up
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Closed: Top Songs for 'Charts' Category
By DandyDon 2
Top 25 R&B/Soul Songs 1. Respect - Aretha Franklin 2. I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye 3. (Sittin' On) The Dock...
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Closed: List of everyone who's done a song
By Glizzie 7
Not sure if this is even possible, but I'd like to see a list of all members who have recorded any particular song, ideally wit...
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Closed: rework of "keywords"
By OldPioneerParrot 1
I know you dumped the "keywords" feature.. but I know some have been asking for some form of search of user's songs.. how about...
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Closed: Freeze Frame
By Linda-Ca 10
This is making me look so ugly!!! Any remedy yet or suggestions of what settings my computer may need to make it better???? PPP...
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Closed: Live Chat
By AmyRobert 12
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Closed: New Ratings idea.
By LAngeloMysterioso 1
Just throwing this out there. Each member has a "Top 40 List". You add up to 40 songs on this list (duh). Sorta like your "favo...
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Closed: Changing Keys...
By Pearbear93 2
Is there anyway to change the key of the song your trying to sing? If not this would be a great way to improve this site.
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Closed: Least Favorites
By WebAndNet 1
Maybe we can also have least favorites list too--so that we don't have to listen to or waste time wading through unpreferred si...
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Closed: Concert Nights Fri. and Sat.
By Dinoworld
What if there was a concert room where all members could hear featured singers that have been asked to perform in a concert whe...
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Closed: uploading cd+g to help build larger songlists
By st1gzee 7
Hi,love the site trevor. i have thousands of cdg's in different keys on my love too have the ability too add them too you...
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Closed: chart page ......
By neodow 3
1 Just called duets.. thanx.
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Closed: charts
By Cynds 27
Oldies, show tunes, comedy,
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Closed: Record this song
By cspllrs 1
This may have been posted already... maybe not. I tried looking for something similar and haven't seen it, so here goes. I thin...
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