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Closed: uploading cd+g to help build larger songlists
By st1gzee 7
Hi,love the site trevor. i have thousands of cdg's in different keys on my love too have the ability too add them too you...
2 replies
Closed: chart page ......
By neodow 3
1 Just called duets.. thanx.
6 replies
Closed: charts
By Cynds 27
Oldies, show tunes, comedy,
1 reply
Closed: Record this song
By cspllrs 1
This may have been posted already... maybe not. I tried looking for something similar and haven't seen it, so here goes. I thin...
No replies 400
Closed: embedded performance
Take a look - can we work out a way to embed like this? this...
No replies 521
Closed: Private messages..
By ConnieG 96
A delete option on private messages would be nice I cant find one..!!
4 replies
Closed: Created a chatroom.
By LAngeloMysterioso 1
I threw together a chat room for the folks at SingSnap to use if they want. It's a free place. Just go to the link and click on...
1 reply
By angelfire07 +1
It would be nice to have a place where when we are searching and listening when we find a favorite member we could add them to ...
1 reply
Closed: Interface and Navigation
By Novella 110 +18 +32
I love a lot of things about this site but something has really started to hinder my enjoyment. I am so tired of *clicking* It ...
12 replies
Closed: Setup a voting page for options..
By Wayne_ky 29
You folks could go the democracy route and put up a page where the members could vote on options they'd like to see on the site...
1 reply
Closed: announcing new SingSnappers
By Janey 67
I think it would be nice to be able see the newest members. It might give them a chance to be made to feel welcome and at home
2 replies
Closed: Ability to send to friends / embed, full screen
By Bobby 18
What a great way to spread the word about SingSnap. Give users the ability to send their videos/recordings to friends and/or to...
7 replies
Closed: Ability to adjust the picture associated w/ aud...
By Bobby 18
I would like to be able to post my own graphical/pictoral representations for my recordings (instead of using the default graph...
4 replies
Closed: Player options
By Aprilfool43
I think it would be nice to have ways to test the sound and microphone on the player that way you know if your microphone is wo...
1 reply
Closed: When your are Friends on singsnap site...
By neodow 3
How about a feature letting you know whos logged into the site so you can say hi maybe something like a messenger service almos...
1 reply
Closed: Thank you SingSnap
By WebAndNet 1
For all the recording problems I've had here, the difficulties were far worse at the other karaoke sites. And their solution--...
No replies 560
Closed: Upload!
By LAngeloMysterioso 1
It would be an outstanding feature if we were allowed to upload the recordings of these songs rather than simply use the record...
10 replies
Closed: Cancel upload
By Linda-Ca 10
There needs to be a cancel the upload feature..right now when I am singing and something isn't right I have to wait for the upl...
3 replies
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