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Closed: Picture Gallery PAIN
By ZZ-Ed 55 3
Here's a suggestion: I just sort of re-discovered the "Picture Gallery" area. I saw that if you wish to "clean up" any photos (...
6 replies
Closed: Security Measures To Become A Member
By GlaszEyes
I would really appreciate if SingSnap would create a little bit of a security process for signing up as a member. As far as I k...
27 replies
Closed: SingSnap House Band Jam Session 2?
By Yankee_Julie314 94 3
I was just wondering how many people would be in favor of another House Band Jam Session. So many seemed to have so much fun si...
10 replies
Closed: Message Mess!!
By WildFlower68 15
Soooo, I realize that I have nobody to blame but myself for having NEVER cleaned out my PM box since joining the site back in 2...
24 replies
Closed: Editing a Message Board
By JCD 96 141
This is a very minor thing, but after editing a comment on a message board, SingSnap returns to the first comment on that messa...
1 reply
Closed: Badges Makeup Days
By Carolinabell5 91
I would love to have the opion to go back and earn some badges I have missed....
6 replies
Closed: Playlist: Show Title instead of Song?
By neodrew 82 11
In the drop down list of songs, playlists that include SingSnap Originals don't show the Title given to the recording by the me...
6 replies
Closed: Double or nothing december
By -FF-
Double or nothing December Basically for everything purchased it's automatically doubled at no extra cost Example Purchase 500 ...
4 replies
Closed: Android app?
By MissJane 18
Since I'm on my phone using a web version of the forums, I don't seem to be able to find a search option, so I don't know if th...
15 replies
Closed: Record Song List: Add "Open Duets" Fi...
By neodrew 82 11
On a song's recording list page, I'd like to have the option to filter the list so it shows only source recordings for open due...
1 reply
Closed: Notification in message for any comments or loves
By havingago 56
I think it would be handy to receive a message in the control panel of Singsnap whenever someone comments on a topic you have s...
6 replies
Closed: I wish...Song Category
By ZZ-Ed 55 3
I wish we could easily see what category a song fits in...without having to go to "record" and doing a search for the song. (Is...
1 reply
By Nikkie
I was wondering about something. I'm not sure if anyone ever asked about this. It's regarding the PRIVATE COMMUNICATION page, w...
8 replies
Closed: Hearing the key the song is in
By havingago 56
As I cannot read music and don't know the pitch of each note I think it would be useful to hear the key each song is in eg, E, ...
13 replies
Closed: SS POST visual effects
By ZZ-Ed 55 3
I think it's great that we have the ability to record video...and then if we decide to not use it to disable it and instead use...
5 replies
Closed: Encouraging credit rewards
By -FF-
I think it would be good to have certain months that award credits for certain things done on the site Ideas 10 free credits fo...
2 replies
Closed: Badge for Full listen and comment.
By socomicefox 50
I kno I kno we get badges for listening but what if Singsnap did come out with badge if you do full listen and comment to 10 si...
3 replies
Closed: Inner Circle
By CanadaBlonde
Pretty sure I already know the answer to this but.. is there a way to move songs to Inner Circle in bulk? Or will there be ple...
6 replies
Closed: About Dueting,,,,,,
By cannotsing24 94 1
I was thinking if it was possible that if we want to do a Duet with our selves,if there could be a button on the Recorder when ...
2 replies
Closed: A New Option
By -FF-
I was responding to a discussion on members turning blue turning blue shouldn't lose recordings made while gold, sometimes thin...
17 replies
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