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Closed: Forum user
By -Chez- 86
I am noticing more and more new members signing up just to ask critque on their vocals that are posting links from other sites ...
10 replies
Closed: Group messages by user
By Crashtestdummy 60
So I'm tired of going through 500 messages of someone I just talked to to find out if someone else messaged. I miss alot of mes...
6 replies
Closed: Tribute To Feature Page
By -Chez- 86
A new page that features any song from the daily named artist or band Eg: Todays Tribute - The Beatles So any beatles song sang...
2 replies
Closed: Original Singers
By OldSchool66 16
I have found that many songs I know, that were recorded decades ago, are now being sung by younger artists. Singsnap posts the ...
3 replies
By ZZ-Ed 63
More and more folks are using their phone to access the Internet AND to listen to SingSnap. With that, there is a problem if y...
6 replies
By ZZ-Ed 63
I wish I may... I wish I might... Have the slideshow option available on archived songs that feature recorded video. That way, ...
3 replies
Closed: Quotes
By Anna_Brookes 94
It would be nice if when getting a pm that you've been quoted, whether song comment or elsewhere, that when you click the notif...
3 replies
Closed: Private setting for duets
By JeanMarie80 68
Just a suggestion to maybe make it possible to keep a duet recording private between the two singers who are doing it. It would...
9 replies
Closed: Favouriting
By -Chez- 86
I would like to see a <3 beside the first person on a duet recording as well as the second person, alot of times i have list...
3 replies
Closed: Editing Private Messages
By InvestInPolitics
It would be nice to be able to edit one's private messages. You can edit pretty much anything else you create on the site; it o...
3 replies
Closed: Recorder features
By cmas1 62
Add some audio control features to the recorder such as control over echo amount, some equalizer settings and possibly some "ro...
2 replies
Closed: Autotune!! Ahahaa
By socomicefox 56
Make it happen Singsnap this would be awesome
16 replies
Closed: Site not saving my recordings
By Aaccha 29
Hey what's going on. I've just tried to record three songs and none of htem will save. Can you help please. Also while i'm hea...
4 replies
Closed: Notification: Seperation
By ConnieG 95
I do want to see when somebody has quoted me on a recording or on a message board because naturally i want to see what they sai...
5 replies
Closed: Oops ... please delete
By music_junky7 42
I just realized I posted something in here and it was the wrong forum. I don't see a place where I can delete it.
1 reply
Closed: Making CD's
By Proud2bhungarian 41
Hi, I was wondering if theres any possibility that Singsnap could offer members the opportunity to have a cd made with recorded...
3 replies
Closed: Making CDS
By Proud2bhungarian 41
Hi, I was wondering if theres any possibility that Singsnap could offer members the opportunity to have a cd made with recorded...
1 reply
Closed: Pin recording to top
By -FF-
I know we have the spotlight but I've noticed my studio visits have always been first song listed on page one that gets the com...
7 replies
Closed: Badges (no longer available)
By barbrx 82
I think it would be helpful if we could hide the unearned badges that are no longer available, or sort them to the bottom, or h...
2 replies
Closed: New Edit Profile Sub Tab: "Set Song Info&q...
By neodrew 92
Create a new profile page - Default Recording Settings. This page would allow members to set the default settings of the Edit S...
No replies 97
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