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Closed: Actions to earn Credits then use Credits to 'Un...
By Kalykitty 65
I think the new credits feature can be very interesting if you can do more than pay cash to obtain them. I'd be willing to fil...
1 reply
Closed: Just a thought
By Katie-and-Dennis 44
I received something by email today that made me think.... It was in fact from another karaoke site I have actually never used....
27 replies
Closed: I love your status!
By Bucks_Fizz 95 +5
Have you ever seen someone's status and wished you could 'LOVE' it? I'm constantly wanting to do that. Would be great if we cou...
9 replies
Closed: Slide Show
By WildFlower68
I have used the Sing Snap Slide Show a couple of times now. GREAT addition to allow us to use some creativity and expression in...
6 replies
Closed: Video Fade Out at end of recordings
By Nikkie +3
It would be nice if Video Recordings would fade out once we stop singing, especially helpful on some recordings that have a ver...
15 replies
Closed: song i know
By RJ77 38
Why cant i record a song of my own surely it not against recording laws if i wrote it ???????
4 replies
Closed: Keep/Lock Button
By Bucks_Fizz 95 +5
I see a lot of people posting about losing recordings when they have turned blue, presumably missing the grace period to restor...
7 replies
Closed: The Battle 3: Audition Track
By neodrew 74
The Battle 3: Audition Template The Battle is a GREAT SingSnap contest, and I'd like to offer a suggestion that might serve to ...
2 replies
Closed: Deleting 'NLA' Badges
By CoconutDuets 58
Is there a way to fade out or change the icons for challenges that have expired for those who didn't complete them? It is kind...
4 replies
Closed: Feature Songs
By MikeMoffitt2008 33
As a former gold member I think the feature page should be changed a little.Whereas gold members are allowed to sing with blue ...
8 replies
Closed: Celtic/Irish ballads.
By Paulym 3
I'm not sure how this works. I pick from a pre selected list of songs? Are there any Irish ballads in this list?
2 replies
Closed: Can you slow down the slideshow rotation?
By CoconutDuets 58
I'm a digital artist and even with 25 images, they cycle three times through this song... not that my art isn't worth a second ...
5 replies
Closed: Flag a permalink
By ConnieG 88 +1
Sometimes in long threads it would be nice to flag a permalink to keep your spot where you read up to. I do it on notepad but i...
4 replies
Closed: New songs
By Jwhal37 4
Hi I think the we should gut uptown funk
2 replies
Closed: Listening notifications
By SouthernIce
When we go to "Watch & Listen" , it would be really nice if there would be some type of Icon by each members recording to alert...
17 replies
Closed: Icon Showing If You Have Already Recorded A Fav...
By Erisjade 51
I don't know about anyone else, but I feel that it would make singing our favorites easier if there was an icon next to each so...
3 replies
Closed: Android app??
By RenCourt 28
So I am getting so jealous of all the iphone peeps that can sing on their phones. I haven't been on as much and cruizing pages ...
2 replies
Closed: New fan notification
By Vicster
Any chance we could get a pm when someone signs up to be a fan? Thank you :)
3 replies
Closed: Check off return comments?
By KellyAnne4Peace 90 +19
It would be nice to have a private box on our comments page for each comment. Then, we could check off each one when we return ...
5 replies
Closed: SingSnap Programmers...
By GlaszEyes
Please, change the wording of your automatic email to alert a member that they have been quoted. "Well, that's interesting" is ...
3 replies
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