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A New Option
By -FF-
I was responding to a discussion on members turning blue turning blue shouldn't lose recordings made while gold, sometimes thin...
17 replies
Last by flatduck 30 5 months
5 months
Special Gold days
By Shygurl219 39
After reading the thread about sponsoring gold membership and an idea came to me. Would it be possible to have a "free" gold da...
7 replies
Last by Shygurl219 39 6 months
6 months
Closed: Wish we had...
By Vicster
I wish we had an "Awww!" button and a "LOL!" button along with the "Love It" button...especially on the message board.
7 replies
Closed: Inner circle alert
By -FF-
Would be great to get notified when something new is added to any inner circle you are a member of BUT also have ability to sep...
3 replies
Closed: html 5 video
By adrianmichael 24
I hope the admin would change using the video from the old flash to a new html5 video so will be able to play easily the websit...
4 replies
Closed: Justified text, please?
By GlaszEyes
I would love to have the ability to make text look a bit more uniform on here without having to create an image to do so (justi...
No replies 90
Closed: Edit out the demo singers.....?
By Shygurl219 39
I wish there was a way to record while listening to the demo but have the demo singing not on the final recording. I've tried l...
2 replies
Closed: Website Suggestions
By MarkBlack 61
Have you ever listened to one of your recordings or even someone else's and thought to yourself "hey I can do that one better"....
16 replies
Closed: "Lic" songs...
By justadreamer
Since there's so many Lic songs now. How about making the song search thing to were we can just type in "Lic". And see a list o...
27 replies
Closed: Disable Graphics
By renkka 52
Sure would love to see the 'Disable Graphics' back. I hate going to pages that have graphic backgrounds and such. It sure is ha...
14 replies
Closed: Fave/fan privacy settings
By brenda-a
I would like to see faves/fans feature allow a privacy setting.I like lots of people, but my eyes can't take looking through so...
3 replies
Closed: New Layout
By Eleses 42
Think I like old better, but new will grow on me I guess! :)
1 reply
Closed: Private Messages
By AlabamieMamie 31
My private message inbox is getting to be a chore! Seems like when you open it up, there should be an option to "MARK ALL READ"...
7 replies
Closed: Re-Featured
By Wendi1962 32
I thought the re-featured was a good idea until I noticed the song stays back in the old date. Is there anyway once you re-feat...
1 reply
Closed: New Tab: Sing -> Free Songs
By BCSchmerker2 66
Some of the Membership here at SingSnapĀ® are interested in clips for their social song events, and I though it proper to add so...
1 reply
Closed: Tracks with issues/errors.
By Katie-and-Dennis 45
Just wanting to start up a thread that pertains to SS song tracks that are available that haves issues with recording quality i...
12 replies
Closed: playlist sharing
By villalad
Please singsnap can you make it possible to share playlists. i run an inner circle daily challenge group and we get around 22-3...
3 replies
Closed: Sung this song already?
By ILoveCountryMusic 16
Have a way for your profile to know whether you have already recorded the song you are about to sing and offer you an option to...
2 replies
Closed: Deleting threads
By Anna_Brookes 80 +2
There have been times I've seen members say they wished they could delete their thread. Wonder why it's not an option, or could...
2 replies
Closed: Edit a comment on another's recording without t...
By Yankee_Julie314 92 +13
This is sort of an old topic revisited. I have talked to lots of people who feel the same way as I do, but there wasn't much ac...
8 replies
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