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Closed: Share a milkshake (trinket/icon thingies)
By Piper8
It would be cool to have a trinket icon thingie that allows the user to share a milkshake with their pals. Like part of the mi...
No replies 111
Closed: Two Sets of Favorite Members Please
By MsTake 82 +3
In the interest of greater community here, isn't there any way we could have two sets of "Favorite" Members whose songs come up...
2 replies
Closed: Set and remember text font colour
By -Chez-
I know many people are happy just using default black but be good to have an option were can set a colour and save it so for th...
3 replies
Closed: Solved,,,,,,,,By Rob
By cannotsing24 103 +2
My Computer ,,,,,windows 7 was down for nearly a week or more I had put out a shout out ,,,,,,,,,,,HELP SIGN I had many telling...
2 replies
Closed: Hit the love it button again!
By Piper8
This feature would be a financial increase for sing snap... Here is how it works....The love it button can have a tiny note nex...
1 reply
Closed: Record Song Duet Filter
By InvestInPolitics
It would be nice to be able to add "Duet" as a filter to the song selection list. Right now you can choose to filter on "Altern...
1 reply
Closed: Saving Backgrounds
By Jubi
Everywhere I look, there are gorgeous backgrounds for the song pages. I applaud everyone who creates and shares these on this s...
5 replies
Closed: Fade me please!!!
By JohnCP 67
I hope this is an appropriate place to make such a request, but i'd like to see SingSnap incorporate a fader function into the ...
3 replies
Closed: Trinkets idea Cookies and Milk
By Piper8
I think it would be cute for sometime when you do the trinkets to do Cookies and Milk. Tiny little cookies and tiny little milk...
No replies 84
Closed: Advance Topic and Posts Search Feature
By Piper8
I think it would be awesome to have an advanced posts and topics search feature that scans the boards for specific elements def...
No replies 70
Closed: View All Posts Feature
By Piper8
It would be nice to have a feature of viewing all of one's posts....instead of having to just favorite every thread we are in t...
No replies 71
Closed: Ability to Delete posts
By Piper8
I think we should have the ability to delete our posts, since it is possible for the admins to keep a back log if they wish in ...
No replies 69
Closed: Toggle Settings On/Off In Recordings List Idea
By Piper8
I think it would be really cool if we could toggle other settings on or off with a click the way we can do for subscribing to t...
6 replies
Closed: Song Stats in the Recordings List Idea
By Piper8
Okay, so I thought it would be really useful to have Song Stats in the Recordings List. Like for each song it would tell how ma...
6 replies
Closed: New Comments Notification Idea
By Piper8
There is a feature when we get a new private message that shows us how many new private messages we have, it shows up on the br...
6 replies
Closed: Sing Snap Recorder Idea
By Piper8
I wish it could be made so that the sing snap recorder can record with whatever mic setting we use, and by that I mean actually...
3 replies
Closed: get lost of the 100 free songs
By corjapin
My opinion, if i want karaoke, i have lots and lots of karaoke on my harddisk. If i miss a song i go on youtube where there is...
20 replies
Closed: Any chance of an Android version of the app?
By RichAllen 67
Just got a new phone for my Birthday yesterday, a Nexus 6 on Android, better OS than Iphone, and the battery lasts longer and s...
13 replies
Closed: Prevent blocked members 'quoting' you
By ConnieG 95
So... you allow us to block people, and you disable them from clicking your love button, can you also block them from 'quoting'...
7 replies
Closed: Delete Comment Button!
By --Beatle-- 92
Wish We Had The Power, To Delete Our Comments We Leave For Non Friends That Don't Take The Time To Return A Comment!
64 replies
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