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Closed: get lost of the 100 free songs
By corjapin
My opinion, if i want karaoke, i have lots and lots of karaoke on my harddisk. If i miss a song i go on youtube where there is...
20 replies
Closed: Any chance of an Android version of the app?
By RichAllen 67
Just got a new phone for my Birthday yesterday, a Nexus 6 on Android, better OS than Iphone, and the battery lasts longer and s...
13 replies
Closed: Prevent blocked members 'quoting' you
By ConnieG 95
So... you allow us to block people, and you disable them from clicking your love button, can you also block them from 'quoting'...
7 replies
Closed: Delete Comment Button!
By --Beatle-- 91
Wish We Had The Power, To Delete Our Comments We Leave For Non Friends That Don't Take The Time To Return A Comment!
64 replies
Closed: Host to see who flagged their Contest
By Pepsi_3369 +2
Is it possible to let us hosts of contests here in Singanp see who has flagged the contest that they are hosting. So only the h...
6 replies
Closed: Playlist Auto Start
By Lunch-Box
Hello! Currently I have my "auto play" setting to "off" however it would be nice if there was an option in the "playlist" for "...
1 reply
Closed: more rotation of the free songs offered..
By straighttequilanites 45
Hi Singsnap execs, I just wanted to say I really enjoy your site and has given me many hours of enjoyment...I understand that y...
2 replies
Closed: Idea for Singsnap!
By socomicefox 57
Plzzz make it to where you block someone you dont have to see their negative posts or anything they have to say. Thank you.
5 replies
Closed: Facebook video text
By ConnieG 95
Text at top of Videos on FB are annoying... just sayin...
7 replies
Closed: Duet Hideability
By SingingTaz 45
I am a harmonizer / massive duetter... I sing with everyone. BUT...I believe that on our own private pages, we should be allowe...
2 replies
Closed: It's Mid July. :)
By RunamokPirate
It's mid July (nearly)... There's still no Android app. I know all the logic and reasoning behind why it is taking so long... I...
1 reply
Closed: Thread sub catagory consideration
By --Denny--
I have never really savvy with thread organization .... meaning I may have over looked this suggestion... heres a thought... po...
3 replies
By ZZ-Ed 63
A friendly suggestion regarding contests. When YOU create a contest that has different rounds, it would be useful if you mentio...
2 replies
Closed: New category topic for songwriting please
By havingago 74 +1
Would it be possible to create a new category topic for songwriters? :-) I come across many people on here who write their own...
7 replies
Closed: New Songs
By mwassenaar1 12
When are there going to be NEW country songs added people??
7 replies
Closed: please someone make a non country duet contest
By -Chez-
There is such a lack of duet contests now and they are my favourite, on stand by with my new duet partner ;)
3 replies
Closed: 4th of July
Where are all the Independence songs on feature? It is the 4th right..
8 replies
Closed: Forum user
By -Chez-
I am noticing more and more new members signing up just to ask critque on their vocals that are posting links from other sites ...
10 replies
Closed: Group messages by user
By Crashtestdummy 60
So I'm tired of going through 500 messages of someone I just talked to to find out if someone else messaged. I miss alot of mes...
6 replies
Closed: Tribute To Feature Page
By -Chez-
A new page that features any song from the daily named artist or band Eg: Todays Tribute - The Beatles So any beatles song sang...
2 replies
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