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Closed: Favouriting
By -Chez- 74
I would like to see a <3 beside the first person on a duet recording as well as the second person, alot of times i have list...
3 replies
Closed: Editing Private Messages
By InvestInPolitics 51
It would be nice to be able to edit one's private messages. You can edit pretty much anything else you create on the site; it o...
3 replies
Closed: Recorder features
By cmas1 62
Add some audio control features to the recorder such as control over echo amount, some equalizer settings and possibly some "ro...
2 replies
Closed: Autotune!! Ahahaa
By socomicefox 56
Make it happen Singsnap this would be awesome
16 replies
Closed: Site not saving my recordings
By Aaccha 29
Hey what's going on. I've just tried to record three songs and none of htem will save. Can you help please. Also while i'm hea...
4 replies
Closed: Notification: Seperation
By ConnieG 95
I do want to see when somebody has quoted me on a recording or on a message board because naturally i want to see what they sai...
5 replies
Closed: Oops ... please delete
By music_junky7 42
I just realized I posted something in here and it was the wrong forum. I don't see a place where I can delete it.
1 reply
Closed: Making CD's
By Proud2bhungarian 41
Hi, I was wondering if theres any possibility that Singsnap could offer members the opportunity to have a cd made with recorded...
3 replies
Closed: Making CDS
By Proud2bhungarian 41
Hi, I was wondering if theres any possibility that Singsnap could offer members the opportunity to have a cd made with recorded...
1 reply
Closed: Pin recording to top
By -FF-
I know we have the spotlight but I've noticed my studio visits have always been first song listed on page one that gets the com...
7 replies
Closed: Badges (no longer available)
By barbrx 80
I think it would be helpful if we could hide the unearned badges that are no longer available, or sort them to the bottom, or h...
2 replies
Closed: New Edit Profile Sub Tab: "Set Song Info&q...
By neodrew 91 35
Create a new profile page - Default Recording Settings. This page would allow members to set the default settings of the Edit S...
No replies 93
Closed: Song Page Background/Design
By --Denny--
Is it possible to create a tool to let people simply insert an image from the computer ( like your gallery feature) AND linked ...
6 replies
Closed: The not so anonymous, Anonymous Suggestion Box
By Nazzo 93
The not so anonymous, Anonymous Suggestion/Request Box A place where you can make the odd suggestion or request which may add t...
18 replies
Closed: No songs by the late Prince?
By RichAllen 64
Is this due to licensing issues?
3 replies
Closed: featured page?????
By usmail 83
How are songs chosen for the featured page ???? i have been a member since 2013,there are so many songs that i have never seen ...
4 replies
Closed: Easier searching by genre
By havingago 73
When I was on blue I could click on the free songs bar and refine the search by genre. Now I am gold there is no way of seeing ...
6 replies
Closed: never mind :)
By neodrew 91 35
Never mind - ok to close
2 replies
Closed: audtitons when full should be moved
By pallmalllights 59
I go looking for auditions and scroll down to page 4 just to see sorry we are full now thats anoying
7 replies
Closed: Artists
By Loveme7 7
Can u add the artist Shania twain to the list for karaoke. I love her as a artist.
No replies 109
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