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Closed: Global song settings
By Piper-x-333
Global song settings for song posting preferences. As you well know when you post a song you have those drop down settings and ...
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Closed: Flashing Images - Hide Option
By SadieBabes 111 +1
Whilst browsing the new topics on the message board today I came across (well it was hard to avoid ) what can only be described...
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Closed: Duets button part 1 or part 2
By shoprgurl 35
When I am looking to sing a duet, It is really hard to tell which gender is which on the pictures. I kind of have to "guess"and...
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Closed: Key changer
By peaceloveerin87 41
I still really wish the key change would be in numbered increments as opposed to low, lower, high, higher, etc and in half steps.
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Closed: Scoring/Grading Of Community Song Book Uploads
By blue-nightingale 101
I know I am not the only one on here who takes a great deal of time and care about the songs that I upload to the Community Son...
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Closed: Singing on the android
By Dave1970 66
Has there been any progress on the android app for recording songs?
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Closed: Membership Prices
By RockabillyPhil61 44
As the price of membership is only in US or Canadian Dollars would it be possible to have all countries cost be placed in how m...
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Closed: Problems Recording with Chrome
By Pepsi_3369
I have seen so many posts about members not being able to record due to their mic not being found in the wizard, and other prob...
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Closed: Again, pleeeease more effects
By Tigerin78 65
I know, several people (including me) already have asked for it... but I simply can't stop hoping for it to happen one day... P...
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Closed: Compliment
By ArchangelGabriel2018 58
I just noticed my voice sounds better. Have you recently updated the mixer singsnap ? Do you think it's possible we can adjust ...
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Closed: More Karaoke songs by Bouke
By RockabillyPhil61 44
I have heard Bouke on You Tube and enjoy heaps of his songs and made for Karaoke . Regards Bopperman61 .
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Closed: favorite songs including favorite artists
By KarinKo 79
I often record featured songs and look for favorite songs within the featured songs. However I also have several favorite artis...
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Closed: Settings in edit recording
By Annie_Music 102 +1
Just wondering if the settings for these could default to 'No' instead of yes? and/or if all the settings be able to be set by ...
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Closed: Notifications for BOTH members in a Duet
By neodrew 93
I know that I, for one, would like to be able to opt-in to receive notifications for ALL duets that I participate in, not just ...
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Closed: Payment by Credit/Debit card in other currencies
By RichAllen 70
Topic. Not everyone who uses this site is North American or Canadian, like me I'm English, and every month I have a problem wit...
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Closed: Just One Click
By Nazzo 101 +1
Where the comments come up on a members song it might be a real positive to have an extra link tag link tag between the "Love i...
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Closed: Fix Recording Problems
By MsTake 84
So my friends can record and won't just fade away. Many many people are reporting having technical difficulties and some can't ...
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Closed: UMMMMM
By --Denny--
My suggestion is to make SS like it USED to be.... that is not possible... I guess.........
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Closed: Watch & Listen Featured & " New" forums.
By Dunndeal 62
How about dropping the "Featured" songs you sing from the "New" songs form. If you don't sing a featured song your song will mo...
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Closed: Need updated App.
By ddarby64 19
When will SS be up dating your App? Everything seems to be so obsolete need some new things added, more songs etc. I have alway...
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