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Closed: Again, pleeeease more effects
By Tigerin78 65
I know, several people (including me) already have asked for it... but I simply can't stop hoping for it to happen one day... P...
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Closed: Compliment
By ArchangelGabriel2018 58
I just noticed my voice sounds better. Have you recently updated the mixer singsnap ? Do you think it's possible we can adjust ...
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Closed: More Karaoke songs by Bouke
By Bopperman61 43
I have heard Bouke on You Tube and enjoy heaps of his songs and made for Karaoke . Regards Bopperman61 .
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Closed: favorite songs including favorite artists
By KarinKo 79
I often record featured songs and look for favorite songs within the featured songs. However I also have several favorite artis...
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Closed: Settings in edit recording
By Annie_Music 101 +2
Just wondering if the settings for these could default to 'No' instead of yes? and/or if all the settings be able to be set by ...
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Closed: Notifications for BOTH members in a Duet
By neodrew 93 +1
I know that I, for one, would like to be able to opt-in to receive notifications for ALL duets that I participate in, not just ...
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Closed: Payment by Credit/Debit card in other currencies
By RichAllen 67
Topic. Not everyone who uses this site is North American or Canadian, like me I'm English, and every month I have a problem wit...
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Closed: Just One Click
By Nazzo 101 +4
Where the comments come up on a members song it might be a real positive to have an extra link tag link tag between the "Love i...
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Closed: Fix Recording Problems
By MsTake 84
So my friends can record and won't just fade away. Many many people are reporting having technical difficulties and some can't ...
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Closed: UMMMMM
By --Denny--
My suggestion is to make SS like it USED to be.... that is not possible... I guess.........
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Closed: Watch & Listen Featured & " New" forums.
By Dunndeal 61
How about dropping the "Featured" songs you sing from the "New" songs form. If you don't sing a featured song your song will mo...
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Closed: Need updated App.
By ddarby64 19
When will SS be up dating your App? Everything seems to be so obsolete need some new things added, more songs etc. I have alway...
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By ZZ-Ed 67
If you have been using DROPBOX (as I have for years) to store your banners or other graphics permanently and by a simple link, ...
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Closed: Backgrounds in threads
By justadreamer
So just wondering ...Would it be possible to have a background image in threads, just like the way we put them on our songs??
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Closed: Service enhancement idea
By Adam_Jay2016 47
I have an excellent idea for a singsnap service enhancement. How about allowing the members who renew their 10.00 montly subscr...
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Closed: Notification for New Status Text
By Pepsi_3369 +1
Not sure if this has been mentioned before but was just thinking if it's possible for us the members to get a notification for ...
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Closed: chat rooms !!!
By usmail 85
I would love to see a chat room for country music lovers one without all the head banging, explicit songs !!!!
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Closed: recruitment bonus
By juanroberto 70
What is we had a contest or incentive to bring new paying members into the community... say you bring in 10 paying gold members...
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Closed: I think we need a Gospel only feature!
By bingobirdie 77 +1
It's so hard to find Gospel in the featured songs. Could we please add a Gospel section in the featured lists and on the featu...
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Closed: Service Enhancement suggestions
By bingobirdie 77 +1
I would like to be able to control the tempo of the song, faster/slower. I would also love to see it where we could use 1/2 ste...
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