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Closed: Extended Edit features
By justadreamer
Just wondering if it were possible to extend the edit options on all the older threads to include an "Update image link" Being ...
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Closed: Activate Button For A Co-Host
By Pepsi_3369 +6
It's seems that there are many Contests here that are hosted by 2 members. So I was wondering if it would be possible for the m...
8 replies
Closed: List all members on a recording
By NielsW
I often see ppl doing a duet and then harmonizing on said duet; that causes the name of the original singer of the first part t...
4 replies
Closed: Singsnap Engineers overcompressing MP3's
By alaskaboy 68
I've been a SS member since 2007 when I was so happy to find the website. This place has helped many wonderful memories for me ...
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Closed: upload songs
By CarstenS7445 77
Only 1 Danish song on snap thats to bad help upload 1 song on snap kim larsen just 2 songs more kim larsen midt om natten and o...
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Closed: Demo only
By mellyp 66
Hi there,' I was thrilled to see "The Band Perry" version of Gentle on my mind but sadly it's only demo version. Any reason why...
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Closed: Upgrade entire site to TLS 1.2
By BCSchmerker2 82
Running a series of passes with the Qualys® SSL Labs Client Transport Layer Test, I found that /Karaoke/Account/Login has alrea...
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Closed: i been here 3 or 4 months
By Soulja706 12
And i wanna sing some Kane brown love u sober
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Closed: Community Songbook Edit Tool Changes
By neodrew 92
First things first - the songbook editor is a cool tool :) I LIKE IT. A few suggestions 1) Add comment box to rating window Af...
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Closed: Please add this song to library
By naama29 23
I would appreciate you adding Oh Look at Me Now by Sinatra Thanks
1 reply
Closed: A Quick Yay or Nay Survey
By Nazzo 96
How would it be received by Snappers if it was possible for Sing~Snap to work in a manner similar to Face~Book where when a fri...
18 replies
Closed: singsnap house band
By julyman08 19
They need to take down the mostly crappy house band versions and put up good versions ive paid for otherwise ill never renew my...
6 replies
Closed: see views and comments totals
By TerryWayne 46
It would be nice to have the ability to see the number of views and comments on our "recordings" page. So have a column for vie...
2 replies
Closed: Members Community Songbook
By Time_Passages
Any chance of making a tab where we could see the uploads provided by a member in their profile page? We can view and manage ou...
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Closed: ! ! ! DUET DISORDER ! ! !
By Steve-G 88 +1
I would like to see the record/open duets page sorted out, and possibly with a song search added as well. I go to the record/op...
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Closed: tempo tempo tempo
By Mr_Smoocher 57 +1
I would like to know if there are any plans for Singsnap to add a tempo adjustment to sings here. sometimes i would like to spe...
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Closed: Weekly top 40
By -Chez-
Vote on songs you hear and each week the highest 40 recordings go on top 40 charts page, so there would be a vote button in eve...
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Closed: Tempo change
By HeatherH4286 48
Is it possible to add a tempo change option? That would be awesome!
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Closed: Thumbs uh...UP?
By ZZ-Ed 63
I have caught myself clicking the wrong button on "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down" on the recording quality of some of the NEW Comm...
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Closed: Suggestion community songbook
By -Chez-
Recordings that rate 30 or below should auto be removed. Allow upload of mp3g via adding a button above the upload your track t...
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