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Closed: How about a HTML5 based Chat Platform?
By CoconutDave 77
Let's face it folks, Flash is dying. I'd like to hang in the chatroom at work during lunch, but I can't find a decent 10" table...
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Closed: Singing on mobile devices
By TedR7752 40
As of now unlike other services we singsnappers can't record songs off our phones. But is it possible that you could at least m...
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Closed: PlAYLIST Names
By byStangz 65
How about putting the playlist name at top when a playlist is open. Ok, its about now that someone will tell me its been there...
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Closed: Paste to camera
By Coolcatawesomeness 9
Being able to post your recordings on camera
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Closed: Board Signatures
By Piper8
It would be nice to have board signatures so we can place blinkies and our siggies there. I make blinkies... Edit: The signatur...
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Closed: Quote button in PM's
By Piper8
We have a quote button in the boards, we have a quote button in the song pages...but we don't have a quote button for pm's, and...
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By ZZ-Ed 63
I wish...I could simply go to my "Recordings" area and do a search for an artist name, and then select that artist's songs I wa...
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Closed: Moving Website Suggestions
By Piper8
I think it's a good idea to move the site suggestions completely off of the boards, and into a "feedback" type of form the way ...
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Closed: Share a milkshake (trinket/icon thingies)
By Piper8
It would be cool to have a trinket icon thingie that allows the user to share a milkshake with their pals. Like part of the mi...
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Closed: Two Sets of Favorite Members Please
By MsTake 73 +1
In the interest of greater community here, isn't there any way we could have two sets of "Favorite" Members whose songs come up...
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Closed: Set and remember text font colour
By -Chez- +10 +5
I know many people are happy just using default black but be good to have an option were can set a colour and save it so for th...
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Closed: Solved,,,,,,,,By Rob
By cannotsing24 101 +3 +1
My Computer ,,,,,windows 7 was down for nearly a week or more I had put out a shout out ,,,,,,,,,,,HELP SIGN I had many telling...
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Closed: Hit the love it button again!
By Piper8
This feature would be a financial increase for sing snap... Here is how it works....The love it button can have a tiny note nex...
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Closed: Record Song Duet Filter
By InvestInPolitics +7 +1
It would be nice to be able to add "Duet" as a filter to the song selection list. Right now you can choose to filter on "Altern...
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Closed: Saving Backgrounds
By Jubi
Everywhere I look, there are gorgeous backgrounds for the song pages. I applaud everyone who creates and shares these on this s...
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Closed: Fade me please!!!
By JohnCP 58
I hope this is an appropriate place to make such a request, but i'd like to see SingSnap incorporate a fader function into the ...
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Closed: Trinkets idea Cookies and Milk
By Piper8
I think it would be cute for sometime when you do the trinkets to do Cookies and Milk. Tiny little cookies and tiny little milk...
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Closed: Advance Topic and Posts Search Feature
By Piper8
I think it would be awesome to have an advanced posts and topics search feature that scans the boards for specific elements def...
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Closed: View All Posts Feature
By Piper8
It would be nice to have a feature of viewing all of one's posts....instead of having to just favorite every thread we are in t...
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Closed: Ability to Delete posts
By Piper8
I think we should have the ability to delete our posts, since it is possible for the admins to keep a back log if they wish in ...
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