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Closed: Chat Messaging
By PirateGirl7 58 +4
When chatting in the IM, could you set it up to show when the other person is typing a message? Would be helpful. :)
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Closed: 1. More bbcodes and 2. smilies.
By Piper-x-333
More smilies and emojies would be nice but more bbcodes would be even better. Requested bbcodes are: Table rows {TEXT} Table ...
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Closed: In challenges feature audio recordings. Idea fo...
By socomicefox 65
I would like to see audio recordings featured to in these challenges I think this would get alot more ppl doing these challenge...
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Closed: Return Listen Button
By Annie_Music 102 +1
Just thought it would be nice to have a returned listen button to click, just seen by member privately, but somewhere beside th...
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Closed: Profile Page private option
By hnogirl
I would like the option to make profile page private or public. There are times when I like or need to take a break, and it wou...
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Closed: I WISH...Bulk Adds to Playlists
By ZZ-Ed 67
I wish that we could do a search in our "Recordings" area for a particular artist and then have the option in the drop down men...
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Closed: Eddy Arnold
By JohnnySixpak 44
There are many of his songs duplicated, Why can't some of them be put on the free list ?
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Closed: Profile page listens count?
By AllenBlack
What happened to the running total of listens on public sings that used to appear on my studio profile page? It was there earli...
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Closed: Message Board: Voting Buttons?
By AdamGill 63
I'm fairly new to visiting the site on a more frequent basis since joining a few years back. Something I see a lot in the Messa...
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Closed: Badge event PM notifications
By Annie_Music 102 +1
Just wondering if we could get a PM when there’s a badge offer, i.e today just noticed there was a badge to do a song on Jan 22...
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Closed: This is boring...
By Diana_Knight
..hello Singsnap, can you please make an option to delte all , i mean ALL private messages at once ??? Its sooo annoyimng to de...
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Closed: ~P0P 0ut~ floating comment box
By --Denny--
FORUMS *message board threads and... Song Pages suggest having a pop out comment box that floats in a "fixed" (still) position...
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Closed: era search
By leta 19
What would you think about an era search such as 50's,60's,70's and so on?
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Closed: ~Love It~ Button
By --Denny--
Mentioned this long ago... but sure would be nice to have that LOVE IT button located in the comment box or along with the butt...
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Closed: ~FuLL ScrEEn~ Mode
By --Denny--
Want to suggest putting a comment box in the FULL SCREEN setting. So you may comment or LOVE IT there as well .. ..people like ...
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Closed: Number of New Comments
By Piper-x-333
When someone sends a private message there is a number at the toolbar where the private messages button is located, if there ar...
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Closed: My Top 100 Lock
By The_Holy_Mole 66
Part of the benefit of Gold is expanded storage space. However, if you have to let your Gold Membership expire, your account wi...
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Closed: Member Recording Stats
By Piper-x-333
Recording stats, this could be done in 2 ways, via a whole new page for member recording stats per individual member (just like...
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Closed: Songbook Contributer Recognition
By Stacey57 86
Just a thought... some members have uploaded many hundreds of great songs for us all to enjoy. I think it would be great to rec...
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Closed: Toggle PM's and lists / filters
By Piper-x-333
It should be a feature for user settings to be able to toggle pm's from everyone except staff to on or off. Also one to allow p...
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