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Announcement: How to Submit a Song Request
By Rob 76 5
In an effort to keep requests organized, we ask that users enter their suggestions using the Song Requests link located in the ...
No replies 2,816
Song Page Background/Design
By --Cowboy-n-Katie-- 34
Is it possible to create a tool to let people simply insert an image from the computer ( like your gallery feature) AND linked ...
6 replies
Last by --Cowboy-n-Katie-- 34 about 15 hours
About 15 hours
Any chance of an Android version of the app?
By RichAllen 48
Just got a new phone for my Birthday yesterday, a Nexus 6 on Android, better OS than Iphone, and the battery lasts longer and s...
7 replies
Last by Rob 76 5 1 day
1 day
Musicians Corner
By luvs3sing 43
Calling all Singsnap musicians, Listen up!!!! Yes, I know this site is mostly dedicated to singing, and that is so cool, but th...
77 replies
Last by luvs3sing 43 4 days
4 days
The not so anonymous, Anonymous Suggestion Box
By Nazzo 82
The not so anonymous, Anonymous Suggestion/Request Box A place where you can make the odd suggestion or request which may add t...
18 replies
Last by Anna_Brookes 81 12 days
12 days
No songs by the late Prince?
By RichAllen 48
Is this due to licensing issues?
3 replies
Last by neodrew 81 1 12 days
12 days
featured page?????
By usmail 71
How are songs chosen for the featured page ???? i have been a member since 2013,there are so many songs that i have never seen ...
4 replies
Last by Bucks_Fizz 98 4 16 days
16 days
Easier searching by genre
By havingago 56
When I was on blue I could click on the free songs bar and refine the search by genre. Now I am gold there is no way of seeing ...
6 replies
Last by havingago 56 17 days
17 days
never mind :)
By neodrew 81 1
Never mind - ok to close
2 replies
Last by trojan55 101 5 19 days
19 days
audtitons when full should be moved
By pallmalllights 49
I go looking for auditions and scroll down to page 4 just to see sorry we are full now thats anoying
7 replies
Last by -Bev- 87 22 days
22 days
By Loveme7 7
Can u add the artist Shania twain to the list for karaoke. I love her as a artist.
No replies 33
Add an Option to Mark Our Recordings As Complet...
By Yankee_Julie314 92 1
I think it would be great to have an option to mark a song as a completed duet when we are saving it and then have that show up...
7 replies
Last by Yankee_Julie314 92 1 24 days
24 days
Pin recording to top
By -FF-
I know we have the spotlight but I've noticed my studio visits have always been first song listed on page one that gets the com...
6 replies
Last by Chastity 34 25 days
25 days
Group messages by user
By Crashtestdummy 50
So I'm tired of going through 500 messages of someone I just talked to to find out if someone else messaged. I miss alot of mes...
5 replies
Last by Chastity 34 25 days
25 days
Terrible song choices
By rhondakay53 3
You have no songs and you charge for the good ones. Terrible app.
8 replies
Last by Chastity 34 25 days
25 days
Chat Client: Update to HTML5 Version?
By neodrew 81 1
Noticed that there is now an HTML5 version of 123FlashChat - browsing through the information regarding the client, it appears ...
No replies 48
Contest hosting
By -FF-
First time I've hosted since you implemented more control of the contest thread such as longer editing time, title editing,movi...
1 reply
Last by ZZ-Ed 55 about 1 month
About 1 month
Genre on the Song Recording Page
By barbrx 63 1
I think it would be helpful, especially for contests, to have the genre listed on the song recording page.
2 replies
Last by Bucks_Fizz 98 4 about 1 month
About 1 month
Song Page Preview Button?
By MNM1983 76
Thought it would be a cool, and nice idea to have a Preview button to view the song page before you post your song.... Like the...
No replies 44
By BarbaraMaria 3
It be kinda neat if we could search our personal recordings by genre...! I was just thinking how I'd like to make a playlist of...
6 replies
Last by barbrx 63 1 about 1 month
About 1 month
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