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Announcement: How to Submit a Song Request
By Rob 65
In an effort to keep requests organized, we ask that users enter their suggestions using the Song Requests link located in the ...
No replies 2,492
Musicians Corner
By luvs3sing 35
Calling all Singsnap musicians, Listen up!!!! Yes, I know this site is mostly dedicated to singing, and that is so cool, but th...
70 replies
Last by cannotsing24 79 2 days
2 days
Disable Graphics
By renkka 48
Sure would love to see the 'Disable Graphics' back. I hate going to pages that have graphic backgrounds and such. It sure is ha...
13 replies
Last by renkka 48 3 days
3 days
Fave/fan privacy settings
By brenda-a
I would like to see faves/fans feature allow a privacy setting.I like lots of people, but my eyes can't take looking through so...
3 replies
Last by Jan-B +2 +2 7 days
7 days
New Layout
By Eleses 33
Think I like old better, but new will grow on me I guess! :)
1 reply
Last by Rob 65 9 days
9 days
Android app?
By MissJane 13
Since I'm on my phone using a web version of the forums, I don't seem to be able to find a search option, so I don't know if th...
11 replies
Last by smoky_mtn_girl 28 10 days
10 days
"Lic" songs...
By justadreamer
Since there's so many Lic songs now. How about making the song search thing to were we can just type in "Lic". And see a list o...
26 replies
Last by Rob 65 12 days
12 days
Message Mess!!
By WildFlower68
Soooo, I realize that I have nobody to blame but myself for having NEVER cleaned out my PM box since joining the site back in 2...
20 replies
Last by MisterCanning 24 15 days
15 days
Website Suggestions
By MarkBlack 56
Have you ever listened to one of your recordings or even someone else's and thought to yourself "hey I can do that one better"....
15 replies
Last by Jjwest 16 16 days
16 days
Security Measures To Become A Member
By GlaszEyes
I would really appreciate if SingSnap would create a little bit of a security process for signing up as a member. As far as I k...
26 replies
Last by GlaszEyes 20 days
20 days
Private Messages
By AlabamieMamie 31
My private message inbox is getting to be a chore! Seems like when you open it up, there should be an option to "MARK ALL READ"...
7 replies
Last by GlaszEyes 22 days
22 days
By Wendi1962 28
I thought the re-featured was a good idea until I noticed the song stays back in the old date. Is there anyway once you re-feat...
1 reply
Last by FireFlyand 78 23 days
23 days
Editing a Message Board
By JCD 89 +1
This is a very minor thing, but after editing a comment on a message board, SingSnap returns to the first comment on that messa...
No replies 47
New Tab: Sing -> Free Songs
By BCSchmerker2 53
Some of the Membership here at SingSnapĀ® are interested in clips for their social song events, and I though it proper to add so...
1 reply
Last by Rob 65 27 days
27 days
Tracks with issues/errors.
By Katie-and-Dennis 44
Just wanting to start up a thread that pertains to SS song tracks that are available that haves issues with recording quality i...
12 replies
Last by justadreamer 27 days
27 days
playlist sharing
By villalad
Please singsnap can you make it possible to share playlists. i run an inner circle daily challenge group and we get around 22-3...
3 replies
Last by xenomark 77 about 1 month
About 1 month
Sung this song already?
By ILoveCountryMusic 16
Have a way for your profile to know whether you have already recorded the song you are about to sing and offer you an option to...
2 replies
Last by ZZ-Ed 48 about 1 month
About 1 month
Deleting threads
By Anna_Brookes 67
There have been times I've seen members say they wished they could delete their thread. Wonder why it's not an option, or could...
2 replies
Last by VGFan4Life 82 about 1 month
About 1 month
Edit a comment on another's recording without t...
By Yankee_Julie314 81
This is sort of an old topic revisited. I have talked to lots of people who feel the same way as I do, but there wasn't much ac...
8 replies
Last by Yankee_Julie314 81 about 1 month
About 1 month
Inner Circle
By FireFlyand 78
Would it be possible that when we are entered to someones IC that we can put our recordings into their IC? me and my partner ha...
7 replies
Last by ConnieG 82 about 1 month
About 1 month
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