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Announcement: How to Submit a Song Request
By Rob 90 +13
In an effort to keep requests organized, we ask that users enter their suggestions using the Song Requests link located in the ...
No replies 4,078
Dark Mode
By KwazeeKJ 30
Dark Mode option like a lot of sites are implementing, White is a bit harsh for some people. :) Don't really think needs any mo...
7 replies
Last by xenomark 87 +4 3 days
3 days
Playlist Recordings Dropdown - Point To Title F...
By neodrew 94
IDEA: Change the focus of the Playlist > Recordings drop down field to the Title , rather than the Song for all recordings ...
1 reply
Last by neodrew 94 9 days
9 days
Add title/description search control to the sit...
By SongHacker 43
The Site Playlists page currently contains a control to limit playlists to those having a certain number of items. There are a ...
No replies 34
Duet with favorites!
By ILove2Sing 81 +7
Hi there, Again today, I was thinking that it would be great if there would be an option to see who out of your favorites has a...
2 replies
Last by AdamGill 68 14 days
14 days
Favorites Suggestions
By AdamGill 68
I sing a lot of different songs (200+) on SingSnap and I'd love to know who has a similar taste in music as me. As a feature, w...
No replies 41
For beginning singers
By pls8xx
From a forum discussion I got to thinking what would aid those that are just starting to learn to sing. For the beginner, it's ...
2 replies
Last by jeannetteb +6 19 days
19 days
Audio/Video Sync
By pls8xx
More and more I'm seeing members using software of one kind or another to enhance their video with effects and filters. The tim...
1 reply
Last by neodrew 94 25 days
25 days
Videos that aren't videos
By quietkool12 65 +4
Not sure how the rest of you feel, but I get sick of going to someone's song that says video and all you see in a blank screen....
4 replies
Last by Anna-Rea 101 +1 about 1 month
About 1 month
The World's Pub... Community Pages?
By AdamGill 68
What with everything that's going on, i thought maybe there was some room for Community Pages. I sing on SingSnap pretty much e...
No replies 57
World karaoke Concert ,
By newman18 76
Why dont singsnap have a World Karaoke Concert, as All Concerts ,bars and pubs, all over the World, eating places ,schools ,eve...
6 replies
Last by Butcherbhoy 72 2 months
2 months
listen first
By denavanslyke 6
Most of the time, as i look through your song titles, i just want to hear the song sung professionally first so i can see if i ...
1 reply
Last by ZZ-Ed 67 2 months
2 months
By Hoss54 41 +4
Is there any way to put the songs we sing on a playlist ? I posted several songs to my facebook and a friend wants to put them ...
5 replies
Last by CatRwaller 64 2 months
2 months
Better Blues Songs
By Blue-Opal 50
Here is a list of top female blues performers to add to the blues songs page/category. So many times you have the same songs li...
1 reply
Last by -Bev- 106 +5 2 months
2 months
Clean up badges & points
By johnroystonford 71 +1
I have just come back to SS after being away for a while ... i'm just getting back into the swing of things and was looking at ...
1 reply
Last by SadieBabes 111 2 months
2 months
Select Multiple messages/songs
By johnroystonford 71 +1
This forum is for suggestions for the SS website and so here is mine ... This really annoys me ... on the Messages page for exa...
No replies 86
Key or Pitch Changer
By Cully 56
Is there any chance we can get a half step on the pitch changer, in addition to full step? So often a song is just a bit too hi...
1 reply
Last by MikeIII 108 +2 3 months
3 months
Using a Slideshow in One View and Singing On Ca...
By singingsister57 105 +5
Having the slideshow feature in SingSnap is pretty cool. However, when there are challenges, no one is featured if they are not...
22 replies
Last by singingsister57 105 +5 3 months
3 months
admin chatroom
By juanroberto 73
I believe the private admin chatroom is a huge distraction for the chat admins, it is a bit much to try to be in two rooms at t...
14 replies
Last by juanroberto 73 3 months
3 months
iam new
By cor7777 28
I think sing snap should have a way were we can get our songs on a cd it would be cool
3 replies
Last by RichAllen 75 3 months
3 months
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