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Closed: ATTN: new singsnappers
By crystalpink 2
Please join this newbie contest ^^ no audition required. just leave one of your recordings in the thread :) http://www.singsnap...
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Closed: Quietone26969
By JFSassymom 2
Please welcome little Nicole. She's new on singsnap......and I'm very excited for everyone to let her feel at home here, and le...
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Closed: Nichole
By nichole
I am recently new at sing snap. This is great to me though. I just enjoy singing so much.
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Closed: Hello
By Tonya1 5
Listen to my recordings, and let me know what you think!
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Closed: julieklass is NeW 2 SiNgSnAp!!
By julieklass
Hi all, I just wanted to say hello to everyone, here on singsnap. I am new here only been here a couple of weeks and I am lovin...
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Closed: i are teh newb
By steeldragoness 41
My lil sis been pestering me to join for ages so i have.... pleased to meet you all. im sara, and im in sheffield in the UK.
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Closed: Hey y'all
By justaTXsinger
My son talked my into joining, so don't blame me for all the noise I make!! .... just kidding :0) This is a blast ... I'm sett...
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Closed: hello all
By wolverine
Hi all new here as you can see just wanted to look around and say hi to all :)
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Closed: Hello everyone i am....
By mistified 3
My name is mIsty i have been a member since August. I got an invite from a friend right before the singsnap community opened up...
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Closed: Hello I am Tonia
By ncmtnmama 47
I am enjoying singsnap alot but I really need help with something. My ratings box will not drop down so i can rate the singers....
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Closed: Newbie
By Lionseyes
Hi, i'm brand new and just recorded my first songs today. I'm still trying to figure out how to set sounds levels and navigate ...
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Closed: Hello all!
By MariaLoon 24
My name is Maria (but I also answer to 'Loon.' It's a nickname of mine) I joined the site, about three days ago. I love it! It ...
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Closed: new
By tilly51 2
Hi i am new by tilly51
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Closed: Saying Hello to everybody
By paladon 19
Hi to you all, it is a pleasure to be with you all and amongst other people who enjoy singing, I am hoping after a while when e...
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Closed: I'm sorta new!!!
By torchie72 5
This is my new addiction! I always thought I'd be a singer...I'm a teacher, and that's great, too, but I still have the dream....
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Closed: kitty1968
By Kitty1968
Just joined today
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Closed: Images for particular recordings
By designs_ms_1 42
Hi, i am new to SingSnap and I definitly enjoy this place. I have to figure out tho some things that are new to me and I am so ...
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Closed: The Name
By billytjohn
I like the other name Stone Broke
No replies 461
By tiggie 2
We are wanting to Thank Everyone that posted comments to our sings...ESPECIALLY MY DAUGHTERS....words of encouragement lend con...
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Closed: Howdy folks
By WildBoyWilly 1
Ooops...seems I should have posted here.... Just wanted to say howdy t'all you folks...hope y'all drop by to hear me sing.....a...
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