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Closed: favorites
By daphneloungesinger 48
Hello everyone: I'm Daphne and a new member. Is there any way to flag someone as a favorite and get notiifed when they post new...
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Closed: Newbie here
By SandraG2018 37
Hey y'all, I'm from Mississippi and loving this app, I love to sing so here I am, let's have fun, join me ok.
6 replies
Closed: I'm new here!
By KittyKat14 15
Does anyone 14-plus wanna be my friend? Private msg me plz.
7 replies
Closed: Newbie
By aubr03 8
Hi! It is my first time here. I don't exactly know how this works but mind if you listen to my first cover. Hope you like it :)
5 replies
Closed: Hi there
By AVP60685 36
Hi everyone, my name is Alysia and I am new here and I'm looking forward to recording and trying this out.
13 replies
Closed: Just Joined
By msright12 12
Hey guys. I just joined yesterday and that was the first time I've ever been on this site. I like to sing on my free time. I ha...
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Closed: DCB-Cronk is Back!
By DCB-Cronk 20
Greetings fellow SingSnap'ers! Been a few years So many great singer's And So many friend's still singing. Really glad to be ba...
4 replies
Closed: Hi everyone
By mj_colorado 27
Hi , This is MJ . Just joined Singsnap. How is everybody doing ? Just heard a few recordings. You guys&gals are awesome. Hope t...
10 replies
Closed: Still a newbie :)
By anne4012
Hello one and all. Thanks for letting me sing (no matter how bad) on SINGSNAP. I've been listening to some of you
8 replies
Closed: Been gone for years... now I'm back
By MisterBigs 24
Hello everyone, MisterBigs is back. I took a hiatus of more than 5 years from here and it seems much is the same yet so much h...
6 replies
Closed: lol
By kullboys 4
Hello everyone. is amazing to sing. I think what about you? Thanks
4 replies
Closed: I'm back and... anxious!!!!
By MrAddison 15
Hello everyone =) My name is Addison and one of my passions is to sing. I don't think I'm good at singing but most people seem ...
4 replies
Closed: Greetings and Salutations
By FlowerMama 33
Hi, I'm Sheila and I'm fairly new here. I joined just after the death of my husband as a way to handle my grief and it's blosso...
4 replies
Closed: Hi there
By Firehorse2105 5
Hi I’m Richard, I’m brand new on here, I have just joined and haven’t sung anything yet, however I will soon. Nice to be here, ...
6 replies
Closed: Hi!
By Song3rz 5
How's everybody?
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Closed: New here!
By jenniji 5
Helloooo!! My name is Jenni, hope we can all be friends~
8 replies
Closed: Any teens on hear?
By Giggleboxy 8
Hey I'm a teen and I'm new on hear. It would be nice to have a new friend!
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Closed: Pisces
By DonaD6535 59
Hello, my name is Dona. Love this site! I look forward to meeting you!
6 replies
Closed: Just Wanted To Say Hello To All
By VoxVandal_RACER8 35
Well...I am very new to this SINGSNAP... i have been here about a week now and have enjoyed having the chance to sing some song...
8 replies
Closed: New member
By Donna-rose 19
Hi everyone, I’m new to the site my name is Donna. Still learning how it works but love to sing, If you ever want to sing toget...
7 replies
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