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Closed: Newbie
By CindiAnn 61
Well, I am not technically a newbie. I have been here for a while, but I recorded my first song today ( a duet) and it was awes...
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Closed: Gunjukunna song
By Shivaiah 3
Hi I am sheebarani
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Closed: Feedback
Hi: I'm new to the singing/vocals skill and can use constructive feedback. Glad i found this site. looks like a fun and talente...
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Closed: Oh, There's a message board...
By amusicalmess 30
Not new, but I legit just realized there is a message board, lol, so I thought I'd pop in and say hi and introduce myself even ...
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Closed: Hello
By RogerK9674 28
Hi everyone this is Roger Kistler I have doing karaoke for 15 years my karaoke nickname is LiL Elvis and I am so glad my nephew...
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Closed: new member
By TonyS6048 35
Hello. I am brand new to singsnap.
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Closed: my love for music
By JerryC8001 47
I'm Jerry I joined a few weeks ago and singing has always been my inner passion.i have recorded hundreds of songs from here alr...
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Closed: Albert Morgan
By morganonnet2 38
Howdy everyone here at SS. Kind of new here as I only signed up a little more than a week ago. My name is Albert Morgan aka mor...
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Closed: Kim Larsen
By CarstenS7445 84
R.I.P Kim Larsen Denmark your songs always be in our heart
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Closed: Music
By Caromusic 3
What do i do with this?
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Closed: Hello
By Johnny__Cee 56
My name is John and I just joined about 3 days ago. I am having alot of fun here on SS. Music and singing is my escape from the...
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Closed: new :)
By Enchantee 56 +1
Hi all - I joined a few years ago, but recorded a few songs and never logged in again. I just returned, and have had fun singin...
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Closed: Hello Music Lovers
By annesmiles 11
Glad to have found a site with so many songs and lovely people on. Cheers annesmiles
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Closed: Santa Fe Crooners
By CrashCrooner 16
Hello all. I am new here but not new to singing or events. I founded The Santa Fe Crooners her in old Santa Fe, New Mexico .We ...
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Closed: Hello
By GlennSpeake 74
Trying to get some badges
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Closed: I'm new
By JimT5682 10
Hi, everyone calls me Jim. I joined yesterday and made three recordings. I love singing when I cannot something I would conside...
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Closed: Long over due Intro
By MonaLisa36 61
Hi all, my name is MonaLisa36, aka Mona, I am shy and took a lot of talking me into joining ss, then i found it helped me, be c...
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Closed: Hello guys
By Yehzecereen 5
Hello, I'm a new member for this group.I hope you guys can give me responses to start my recording because I want to record my ...
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Closed: Hello! My Name Is Raine Bivens
By SpeedTrap 23
Hello! My name Is Raine Bivens and I'm quite glad to be a part of this fun community full of nice people! I can't wait to dive ...
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Closed: ? Hi
By Sharksgirl04 22
Hi I'm Vane and not exactly new here but I hadn't posted in a long time. Feel free to message me, check my songs, give feedback...
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