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Closed: Well HELLUR! ;)
By SkylerSunshine 26
Hey y'all! I was introduced to this site by my good friend, DawnNeptune...I believe she's rather well known around these parts ...
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Closed: all about me
By SaharaH9635 22
So you can hear about the title um I like dogs I have two dogs I have a baby sister Annie stats one month her name's Oliver
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Closed: leoniesings
By leoniesings 26
My name is Leonie. I started SingSnap on April 5, 2019, & am just learning to get around & trying to find singing friends who w...
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Closed: Kinda new...
By rowenusmc 62
I've been here for about 4 months now. I came from Red Karaoke and immediately found many more talented singers here on SS. Gla...
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Closed: Lamar
By LamarL1985 31
I was on here a few years ago, was off for awhile and became a member a few months ago. I just love this site and all of the pe...
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Closed: Pro singer in the making!
By MrAddison88 15
Not really. A Professional singer is definitely something I think about every once in awhile though! But, those are probably ju...
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Closed: Hi
By RayRayCrayCray 11
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Closed: "Golden Oldie" here-
By YankeeBernice 54
Http:// Would love feedback... Please stop by and give a listen to this a...
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Closed: Eric From Indiana
By xiresilver88 19
Greetings my fellow musicians and singers. I'm Eric Skinner from Indiana, I have an Aunt and Uncle on here and have done a few ...
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Closed: New
By johnyboy2019 7
Hi I am new here
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Closed: Hi - from Malta
By Namaste2018 35
Hi who does this for fun--no previous singing lessons ??
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Closed: karaoke katt
By KathleenH4301 25
New to this site and would like to enter a contest, maybe find someone to do duets with?
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Closed: Hi,, IMSoDeeZee
By SoDeeZee 44
Or Doug,,, Let me start by saying Emma44 introduced me to this site. So now I sign.. 2ndly I have a hcp daughter who you may he...
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Closed: I'm new here
By CreativeDreamer 20
I joined SingSnap today. I like the wide selection of free songs on here. My favorite music genres are rock, R&B, country, and ...
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Closed: Vocalist
By Tma12 3
I am a current student who loves to sing. I’m looking for any opportunity to compete and win or anyone that wants to hit me up ...
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Closed: Free songs
By Susy 8
Could someone tell me if all songs need to be purchased?
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By KatarinaG 15
Hi there! My name is Katarina, I am currently 19 years old, and I have absolutely no training in singing (other than kindergart...
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Closed: New here people!!!
By CrystieHernadez 8
Hi guys! I'm new here as well, and I'm usually online and bored so feel free to text me! (My user is CrystieHernandez)
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Closed: Are their any kids doing sing snap
By Girl-Puppy 9
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Closed: Hey folks from Germany
By ChristianM2870 25
Hey there as ya seen in the title from Germany xD giving this here a shot even when I had a couple of medical throat issues. T...
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