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Closed: How I Do My Videos...
By InvestInPolitics
I've had a number of people ask how I do my videos. Here is a brief tutorial. Ask if you want more detail. Here is a tutorial v...
49 replies
Closed: Microphone issue
By CoachAub 19
I'm using Creative Fatal1ty headphones w/mic. (USB connection) In the Windows 10 playback and recording setup (right click spea...
3 replies
Closed: no mic sound when recording
By Foxie 37
I get no sound when recording I have changed my active x menus to allow ss but still no mic sound. and in the setup there is no...
3 replies
Closed: Recording Issues
By MorningDove40
Hi, I have recently bought a windows 10 laptop, I am having big problems with recording ,,, I've checked my settings and it sho...
1 reply
Closed: Mics & Recording setups
By GinaMarie11 16
Just want to get some input from others on whats your favorite Mic & set up to record your singing? I have An MXL 3000 & a Behi...
9 replies
Closed: muffled mic.
By johngolf 52
I have had no problems with recording...until a couple of Weeks ago....The sound on my mic. went completely.. I tried numerous ...
4 replies
Closed: help with link
By Brianw7117 54 +3
Does anyone know the link to record originals and play instruments and record?
1 reply
Closed: Audio Choices in Wizard
By Gloriha 56
This is where I get stuck, not knowing which one to choose. Here are my choices: 1. What U Hear (Sound Blaster Omni Surround So...
3 replies
Closed: Recorder Not Recording My Audio
By WeatherTheStorm 47
So I have been singing here fine for the last 4-5 years, same setup....nothing has changed... Now when I plug in my mic to my c...
2 replies
Closed: Remove video
By Lisa_Rene 47
I know you can't edit a song after it's been out for so long, but is there a way to remove your video from a song?
3 replies
Closed: Singsnap app for Samsung android tablet
By annalea 56
Are there any plans for creating a Singsnap app for android users? I just bought a Samsung tablet and can't find any Singsnap a...
3 replies
Closed: Adding videos to pre-recorded songs
By havingago 61
I've recorded a song and wish to add a video to it. I have looked through the tutorials and cannot find any info on doing this ...
8 replies
By ZZ-Ed 56
Perhaps this question has already been asked and answered...but... When we change the pitch using the SS interface. (Sorry. Go...
12 replies
Closed: Problem with music...
By bloodanddolce 18
I've searched and can't find a solution to this. I use headphones to record and with the enable music box unchecked, I still ha...
7 replies
Closed: Buffer Line
By JohnnySixpak 41
Why Don't The B Line Below Screen Go All The Way Across, Sometimes On Recorded Songs & Non Recorded Songs?
1 reply
Closed: Recording problems..
By johngolf 52
Had lots of problems just lately...The clarity of the recordings just seems to be muffled, and I'm having to really sing loud t...
12 replies
Closed: SS Original Blank Track
By RJWells
How do I get to it?
2 replies
Closed: rrecording
By singingseniornrm 36
Since I changed my computer to window,s ten ihave lost my camer ihave no video
5 replies
Closed: Reverb etc.
By Crashtestdummy 57
I notice that recordings are made where people have added their own effects somehow to existing singsnap songs instead of using...
13 replies
Closed: Can't record specific song
By NielsW
When trying to record the duet below, all seems well but the song never starts playing during recording. When i save the record...
2 replies
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