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Closed: no sound
By michaelt48 7
So i have my mic plugged into my mic input on the front of my tower . i can hear it thru my computer speakers but i cant get th...
2 replies
Closed: A Rough Return to Singsnap
By Kinkade 31
After the very recent passing of a very dear and close friend, and fellow Singsnap member, (Badiguard/D-Lonewolf), felt the str...
7 replies
Closed: macOS released - audio plugins not yet certified
By neodrew 91 35
MacOS Sierra released today - many audio plugins are NOT certified If you're a musician and/or engineer using a Mac computer, i...
No replies 83
Closed: Save your recording!
By gregorian 57 1
Why are my songs poorer after remix, I wish that I could decide if I want to remix my songs or not,the music becomes muted, the...
10 replies
Closed: Anyway i can "make" an Echo sound?
By ncarolina 37
Ok, this is tech stuff, it's so tech i can't even describe it. My DJ when i sing out can add an echo, like some kind of mystic ...
12 replies
Closed: Cheap headset and usb sound card.
By Vic 75
I have a few good quality microphones and a couple of mixers but I recently bought a very cheap headset for £1 in Poundland and...
4 replies
Closed: Due to problems with my microphone, I can't rec...
By RichAllen 64
Topic. Due to problems with my current microphone (see my thread in the help and tips section) I can't record new stuff, Dad's...
2 replies
Closed: microphone muted in recording
By RichAllen 64
Topic. How do I turn the mic on? It's only recently that it hasn't worked.
17 replies
Closed: SOngs are stpping in the middle of the song.Wha...
By SAmuelZ5591 20
I start to practice and song but right at the verse end the song stops. What is this and how do I fix it.It just paid for membe...
2 replies
Closed: Setup Suggestions
By singinsteve 33
Please advise how to improve mic sound! Stormy Monday by T-Bone Walker
4 replies
Closed: Singing in background.
By iambookus 15
Is there a way to tell which songs have the artist's singing in the background? I don't want that. Just the music so I can sing...
4 replies
Closed: Need help with recorded sound.
By singinsteve 33
I am trying to figure out why my recording sounds poor... Any adv...
No replies 66
Closed: Follow Up To Help Request with Recording Song
By Kinkade 31
A couple weeks back I tried singing/saving a song, after a long absence on Singsnap. Lost a a very close friend, (within the la...
2 replies
Closed: Key changes
By yakkyduck 50
I have a question. I love the key feature change that is available, but what are the changes? For instance if a song is in the ...
1 reply
Closed: Key changes
By yakkyduck 50
I have a question. I love the key feature change that is available, but what are the changes? For instance if a song is in the ...
No replies 92
Closed: Windows 10 no sound in headphones from Line In
By ShdwKnght
I have my mixer plugged into Line In on my sound card, but cannot hear myself when I sing. I have turned on the "listen to this...
51 replies
Closed: Behringer Xenyx 1202FX setup
By ShdwKnght
The way I have the Behringer Xenyx 1202FX setup - Mic plugged into mic plug Cd/tape in – from sound card green out Cd/tape out ...
6 replies
By Mo52 50
I bought a small USB mixer hoping to get rid of some cables. I only want to be able to use my XLR cabled mic for recording. So ...
4 replies
Closed: Downloading a recording
By Toni324 76
Is there a way to download my recordings to save on my computer to put them on a CD?
4 replies
Closed: Singsnap Mixer
Sorry if this been out there before , but why cant i sing with reverb as i want and Singsnap mixer takes it off ? . I have sung...
3 replies
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