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Closed: rrecording
By singingseniornrm 36
Since I changed my computer to window,s ten ihave lost my camer ihave no video
5 replies
Closed: Reverb etc.
By Crashtestdummy 57
I notice that recordings are made where people have added their own effects somehow to existing singsnap songs instead of using...
13 replies
Closed: Can't record specific song
By NielsW
When trying to record the duet below, all seems well but the song never starts playing during recording. When i save the record...
2 replies
Closed: Background in webcam
By MNM1983 79
Does anyone know of a webcam program, that's not too expensive, where you can have a background in back of you when doing a son...
1 reply
Closed: Webcam not working
By Singing_Kimmie_1967 58
I am seeing just a blue box but no video... I ran the wizard and it located my webcam but or some reason its not working .. I a...
1 reply
Closed: Sound card settings?
By Blueangel 53
If anyone out there has a soundblaster Audigy rx sound card.............I could really use your help with the settings on sound...
9 replies
Closed: iDevice plus Mixer?
By gaptx50 40
Has anyone tried to hook up a mixer to an iPhone/iPad so you can use a better mic through a mixer? I have been looking into doi...
2 replies
Closed: SS Disables All Video MacBook?
By CalvinMann 6
My email into SS help center: I was with Apple tech support all day yesterday. It appears that shortly after using SingSnap all...
4 replies
Closed: Mic activity
By Gloriha 56
When I was getting ready to record a song, before I even said a word, I got a message that my sound was too high. Then, while I...
3 replies
Closed: help please
By francinegou8 17
I have just got a new samson gtrack microphone can anyone please tell me how i use my mike on singsnap i don t understand how t...
1 reply
Closed: Samson usb mic
By schmartypantz 34
Hi, I used to have a good recording system, but have had to change computers. I am trying to use a Samson USB mic , Win 10 and ...
3 replies
Closed: mic
By Nikkiann 9
It isn't picking up my mic what is the problem?
1 reply
Closed: microphone
By winterlek 4
How do I get my microphone to work?
2 replies
Closed: What happened to accapella duet recording?
By AllenBlack
On Jan. 17, I recorded a set of two tracks for Sea Of Love in my usual fashion for double-tracking a vocal. Today I tried to do...
6 replies
Closed: Mic and music in Windows 7?
By Jamie_C 17
I can't get Mic and music to both play in chat. I have Stereo mix enabled and made default in Win 7. I have handheld Mic and we...
5 replies
Closed: music is doubling
By Tammylynn62 28
Can someone please tell me how to fix this. The problem is the music starts out and then shortly after it starts.... another tr...
9 replies
Closed: delay in voice on mic to music
By Wolfmaster 40
I have a Dell Optiplex 780...Windows 7...SoundMax Integrated Digital High Definition Audio...I installed a Soundblaster Audigy....
4 replies
Closed: free
By portoze 31
Hello team SS Happy new Year there's no free songs to record and sing? it keeps asking for gold membership purchase. Thank you ...
11 replies
Closed: Recording went missing
By Blue_ss 7
I find that my previous recorded songs under 'Your Recording' are now missing. How is that possible when I never deleted any so...
1 reply
Closed: Music help
By Maggiebrandel 4
I have my mic plugged into the spot where you can put headphones in my laptop, so I don't know if that has anything to do with ...
4 replies
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