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Closed: Recordings
By ElvisAron5 21
After i record a song how to i get it where people can see and hear it?
3 replies
Closed: Opinions on Laptop?
By ChefMike 37
HI.. Ive always had custom built desktops with upgraded video and sound cards.. My question here is, Im thinking about buying a...
4 replies
Closed: All my recordings are in my recycle bin!
By RichAllen 48
Topic. There seems to be no option to restore them! Is there anything I can do? I am on a Chromebook Laptop PC.
8 replies
Closed: Streaming playlists
By LizzyBrdn 44
I was, until about a week ago, able to stream songs and listen to them, now they come up with some weird pop up thing and have ...
1 reply
Closed: Windows 10 settings have changed?
By DanielG8235 40
Hi singsnap ages ago I had help on here when settings mucked up being able to record. Basically please can I ask what to do? Is...
3 replies
Closed: Be warned - Dont install El Capitan...
By Madleine
The new OSX "addon" ( cause its not realy a new OSX ) called El Capitan can harm your system more than you know. Before you ins...
2 replies
Closed: Recording microphones for computer
By KLFtunes 58
Does anyone have one they recommend ? I can only spend about 50 bucks
2 replies
By Bunnykins 33
I noticed recently that a few recordings have been sticking at the "PREPARING PREVIEW" page...This has happened at least half a...
3 replies
Closed: timing issues
By PhyllisG1985 64
Is anyone else having timing issues with practicing and recording or is it just me?
10 replies
Closed: cant sing
By papabear 24
Hi im all set up everything goes on I have volume can hear everthing the mic is showing going out when I say something but noth...
2 replies
Closed: song chopping
By BobbyWilliams 38
Hi almot every time i record it goes good at first then starts shopping and have to re - record it then it doesnt its not my se...
2 replies
Closed: Make Me Sound Better Is Disabled
By Fireheart99 10
I used the Make Me Sound Better option once and it now appears to be disabled every time with no option to activate it. Is it o...
2 replies
Closed: making a cd
By jwolsey1956 24
How can I burn my music on to a cd I have Roxio creator nxt 2
9 replies
Closed: nomic
By stephenh1594 24
In the run wizard the meter does not move
2 replies
Closed: Adding video to a song
By Sssjim7 85
... everyone knows you can *dub* a video onto a song by just recording it again and turning the recorder level to 0 and turning...
No replies 131
Closed: volume
By Cotten 40
On playback of my recording,,the volume levels are fluctuating,,,anyone know what might be the issue?
6 replies
Closed: Sound 'cutting out' frequently?
By knottygirls 48
Hi everyone. We hope we are asking this question in the correct area. If not, please forgive our error and delete/move our ques...
3 replies
Closed: Ssynchronizing video and audio
By -Wolverine- 43 1
There is something wrong with ss recording, on recording video is out of sync, on playback video and audio stops and starts, on...
5 replies
Closed: Windows 10
By karokequeen
I downloaded Windows 10..and I can't get my recordings to sound right..Please help me if you can........
2 replies
Closed: mackie profx4v2 setup to laptop help
By rosearose8 63
I just bought a new makie profx4v2 mixer,cant figure out how to connect and set it up with a laptop and a behringer uphone202,h...
3 replies
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