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Closed: Not able to record. Only able to sing.
By Michael3002 5
Is this because I do not have a Gold membership ? It only allows me to sing to the songs.
3 replies
Closed: how do i hook up my Behringer QX1832usb 18 chan...
How do i hook up my Behringer QX1832usb 18 channel mixing board to singsnap?how do i hook up my Behringer QX1832usb 18 channel ...
1 reply
Closed: recording recordings to other media
By GregS7537 22
Is it possible to record songs I've done here to...say a cassette tape?
2 replies
Closed: wizard
By mums 44
Can't run the wizard. It goes as far as camera will test.... then nothing.
2 replies
Closed: EAX console don't support my creative SB audigy...
By skyuzzal 6
EAX console don't support my creative SB audigy value sound card. I'm using windows XP service pack-2. i just need a valid crea...
2 replies
Closed: still no detection of microphone
By BeeDee 17
I tried following intructions by Bob, but still nothing happened. Please help! 1 1
2 replies
By Susheelchawla 3
Sir, I found nothing about Ghazal of Ustaad Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh pl. provide karoike of both singers. Regards susheel ch...
1 reply
Closed: Download Songs
By JalynBright 18
Is there a way to download songs so they can be put on a CD. This is a great app but if the songs are stuck in just this progra...
4 replies
Closed: need help with setup
By merox 16
I have both an ik multimedia Irig mic HD and a samson q1u mic, both usb. when i try to sing, i get a lot of delay from mic and ...
6 replies
Closed: DIY Studio Update: SingSnap Displayed on TV
By neodrew 87
Home Studio Update Mounted a television to the wall in the studio, hooked it up to an Apple TV and a DVD player - so now, we ha...
1 reply
Closed: How I Do My Videos...
By InvestInPolitics
I've had a number of people ask how I do my videos. Here is a brief tutorial. Ask if you want more detail. Here is a tutorial v...
49 replies
Closed: Microphone issue
By CoachAub 19
I'm using Creative Fatal1ty headphones w/mic. (USB connection) In the Windows 10 playback and recording setup (right click spea...
3 replies
Closed: no mic sound when recording
By Foxie 39
I get no sound when recording I have changed my active x menus to allow ss but still no mic sound. and in the setup there is no...
3 replies
Closed: Recording Issues
By MorningDove40
Hi, I have recently bought a windows 10 laptop, I am having big problems with recording ,,, I've checked my settings and it sho...
1 reply
Closed: Mics & Recording setups
By GinaMarie11 18
Just want to get some input from others on whats your favorite Mic & set up to record your singing? I have An MXL 3000 & a Behi...
9 replies
Closed: muffled mic.
By johngolf 54
I have had no problems with recording...until a couple of Weeks ago....The sound on my mic. went completely.. I tried numerous ...
4 replies
Closed: help with link
By Brianw7117 60 +5
Does anyone know the link to record originals and play instruments and record?
1 reply
Closed: Audio Choices in Wizard
By Gloriha 60
This is where I get stuck, not knowing which one to choose. Here are my choices: 1. What U Hear (Sound Blaster Omni Surround So...
3 replies
Closed: Recorder Not Recording My Audio
By WeatherTheStorm 47
So I have been singing here fine for the last 4-5 years, same setup....nothing has changed... Now when I plug in my mic to my c...
2 replies
Closed: Remove video
By Lisa_Rene 49
I know you can't edit a song after it's been out for so long, but is there a way to remove your video from a song?
3 replies
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