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Closed: mic problems
By __Daryl 37
Hi All, My mic is detected but not working with the recorder also its only showing up in edge and not in opera that I usually u...
6 replies
Closed: No mic options when using wizard
By brodie 16
Help - thank you in advance. I just bought and installed a new interface. A Focusrite scalett Solo 2nd Gen. When i try and us t...
14 replies
Closed: Sending to demos
By MatlynS1547 29
Hello singin family been a while! Just need to create two songs via camcorder to send to "the voice!" and ideas of the best way...
3 replies
Closed: explorer ?
By usmail 84
Am I the only one having issues with the sound using explorer or edge ?? I used to use chrome , never had problems like this ti...
1 reply
Closed: Better equipement
By Ms_La_La_LA 62
Hi everyone. I've been told my mic sounds like a potato, lololol and to see if anyone on snap could help remedy my muffled situ...
5 replies
Closed: mics
By jstarrlight 7
What kind of mic do I need for singsnap and where is the microphone opening on a desktop computer?
2 replies
Closed: Mixing
By Wahtmf6464 44
It has been showing 2 songs that I have done being mixed for a while and I wonder if I went over my limit or something !!
1 reply
Closed: recording
By AnnD3470 59
Having problem getting to record I have run the wizard 3 time try to record 10 time what is the problem
4 replies
Closed: Key changes on iPhone app
By Lennonman 42
Hi I've just got the app on iPhone and I've tried to record but can't find an option to change keys can you do this on the app ...
3 replies
Closed: Trying to get started back up on SS...problems ...
By Jim_W 23
Windows 10...Yamaha MG124CX mixer...I cannot get things working again. Dell PC with Win 10 and crappy soundcard. I even bought ...
3 replies
Closed: Key changes on iPhone app
By Lennonman 42
I've just started using the app on iPhone can anyone tell me if there is an option to key change when recording songs I can't f...
4 replies
Closed: problem
By mary307 54 1
I recorded yesterday with no problems and today it doesn't have see any camera or audio. does anyone have any idea what it coul...
15 replies
Closed: Music
By slvrwng 44
Hi everybody. I am using a laptop while on vacation and I can get sound from eveerything else I do on it except for Singsnap. I...
5 replies
Closed: can get threw
By lilnik00 23
Im trying to record and I cant get threw with any song, it goes a third of the way and shuts off. I deleted stuff of my phone a...
1 reply
Closed: Chrome
By omega_1_1 60
All at once my chrome will not work. I don't see the Camera or the mic in set up. I have tried all the checks. I tried Edge and...
3 replies
Closed: mic won't work on recorder
By Elvis-Prentice 34
I have tried everything I know to do and I cannot get my mic to record on the recorder. Can anyone please help me. Thanks
3 replies
Closed: How To Add YouTube Videos Into A Recording
By Shoreline_Girl 86
I was wondering if those of you that did this all used ManyCam? Wondering if using ManyCam is the only (or easiest) way to achi...
8 replies
By ZZ-Ed 63
I particularly like the "acoustic" versions of many songs we now have available. Here's a tip. Search for "acoustic"...but ALSO...
4 replies
Closed: my recordings
By PeggyT1737 38
Can anyone help me? I can't her my voice when I play back my recording. I can hear the music though. Also that slide moves very...
4 replies
Closed: Recording with AT&T Home Base
Just changed my Internet Access Provider from "Exede" to "AT&T" and experienced a problem with audio playback after recording a...
3 replies
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