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Closed: Mixer
By Karens_Music 68
Does anyone knows or work with the Behringer XENIX 502 .......
6 replies
Closed: iphone mic vs. computer mic used to record
By PhyllisG1985 59
Hi guys! I am currently using my iphone to record all of my songs but I was thinking about purchasing recording equipment to us...
8 replies
Closed: SS Music Videos - Myths
By pls8xx
1. The SS platform is not suitable for the creation of advanced music videos. False. The SS backing tracks can be used in video...
79 replies
Closed: sound blaster
By wguimond 30
My mic is not working speakers through sound blaster is working but not mic any suggestions Wil
2 replies
Closed: Sound recording issues
By Gloriha
I looked at the tutorial for sound settings and every thing seems to be at the appropriate place but I cannot get enough vocal ...
3 replies
Closed: Distortions During Extended Notes
By SoloSongstress 87 +1
Whenever I hold my notes for a few seconds, the sound becomes digitized/robotic and fades out. Can anyone give me any tips on h...
3 replies
By XanaMuse 57 +2
I am looking to purchase a microphone for a friend and she uses her laptop for recording which is USB. I'm looking for one that...
8 replies
Closed: Learn best tips
By Asteriastar 13
Lost new and trying to find my way around so popping up here and there hopeing to find good tips Thank you so much <3
3 replies
Closed: Help Hooking up new Mixer and Mic
By ChefMike 35
Hi.. I just bought the Shure SM58 and Bheringer x1204usb. I cant seem to get the mic to work. Im probably not hooking it up rig...
9 replies
Closed: Microphone and Mixer
By forevrbeth 91
Just curious, what type of microphone and mixer does everyone have? Which ones are best and why?
12 replies
Closed: Uploading a Youtube vid
By Cinderella80 47
Ok, so I am making a video for a song I am recording... I plan making/editing a video on Windows movie maker, and downloading m...
9 replies
Closed: Using homemade backing of song on SS
By Gloriha
A fellow snapper made an awesome backing of a song from on here but now I cannot use it. I can't get the original SS backing si...
6 replies
Closed: Oops, that seems to have caused an unexpected e...
By --AItaliaBella-- 82 +10
I was trying to "publish" my songs that I previously put in "private" but I was getting this warning sign...."Oops, that seems ...
6 replies
Closed: I need help with timing
By kevinw5142 8
I cant seem to get the timing to adjust right. Any help would be cool
10 replies
Closed: Adobe player
By Doobiebro 37 +1
I just started using the computer to record last night. Everything went fine I recorded with video. This morning also the first...
1 reply
Closed: mic detection
By smoochy 70
Snap wizard wont detect my microphone so it wont allow me to record , any ideas how to fix this? not sure what happened in last...
4 replies
Closed: How to do I upload a song for a contest?
By Debmarch1 15
If I want to join a contest or add a previously recorded song to a contest how do I do that ?
3 replies
Closed: Vocals always low
By HojoCat 37
Hi folks! My vocals are always too low on recordings yet when I turn up my input volume I always get a clipping warning and the...
5 replies
Closed: windows 8
By Susan_Reg 6
Hi I am new to Singsnap. I have a brand new Asus lap top and have never used windows 8 before. The wizard seems to pick up my m...
9 replies
Closed: Recording without music
By ConnieL5084 7
How do you record without music on a iPhone?
4 replies
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