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Closed: How To Add YouTube Videos Into A Recording
By Shoreline_Girl 86
I was wondering if those of you that did this all used ManyCam? Wondering if using ManyCam is the only (or easiest) way to achi...
8 replies
By ZZ-Ed 63
I particularly like the "acoustic" versions of many songs we now have available. Here's a tip. Search for "acoustic"...but ALSO...
4 replies
Closed: my recordings
By PeggyT1737 38
Can anyone help me? I can't her my voice when I play back my recording. I can hear the music though. Also that slide moves very...
4 replies
Closed: Recording with AT&T Home Base
Just changed my Internet Access Provider from "Exede" to "AT&T" and experienced a problem with audio playback after recording a...
3 replies
Closed: Out of desperation...
By deedlerock 35
Sorry if this is in the wrong place. But I TRIED the right place over and over. I'm asking here for help with recording....beca...
13 replies
Closed: Why has recording format changed
By abbeyonie 75 +1
Am recording ,but it is now so slow, it goes to sending recording instead of directly to Review and mixing and takes forever.
3 replies
Closed: No Echo control
By jwcockrell 50
I,m running windows 10 how can i get to any echo control ? Jack
3 replies
Closed: open duets
By uther 43
Just an observation but recently I've noticed in our open duets for recording section a number of times a member will sing both...
1 reply
Closed: Change the key in which a piece is sung in.
By DJO123 18
I would like to sing certain songs, but the key is too high for my voice range.
3 replies
By Bunnykins
I use a laptop and a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go Pro USB External Sound Card. I've been using Chrome a couple of years to re...
6 replies
Closed: Mic Level Adjustment Disappeared Win 7
By Denny_Law 19
On December 2, 2013 I still am reading a lot of posts concerning the Microphone delay in Windows 7 so I am here to post the fix...
2 replies
Closed: Audio Glitches
By Mimi2 27
I randomly have audio glitches while recording, singing live and running videos. I have tried different WiFis. I have had a com...
7 replies
Closed: sour music
By floydwonder 41
I am having problems with the music i figure out the problem i boight new speakers and mic need help take a listen thanks floyd...
2 replies
Closed: Apollo Twin Duo USB
By ZZ-Ed 63
Has anyone been successful in getting the Apollo Twin USB to play nice with SingSnap? SingSnap's wizard sees it fine, but audi...
13 replies
Closed: Using Samsung sound bar
By turbolag 43
Got a new 42 inch tv with sound bar no longer am using creative sound going thru mixer and having problems using what u hear an...
1 reply
Closed: Any headset recommendations ?
By MissKati1983 23
I've been using my iPhone for this site but my headset isn't working right so instead of updating my phone (it's old) I want to...
6 replies
Closed: best way to mix your voice?
By Paladinto 40
I am hoping for posts about software and ways to add reverb and echo and such.
1 reply
Closed: Berringer Xenyx1002FX-Berhinger U-Control UCA22...
By midnightblue62
I'm connecting the above having just received the U-Control.. Has anyone used this set up. and if so how do you have it configu...
5 replies
Closed: ANDROID?!?! EVER???????
By kimblykim 50
Sad to say I'm looking into other apps. I pay full price and I should get all capabilities the iphone users do. Very sad... I'v...
7 replies
Closed: Decent audio setup?
By Fleetz 4
I am in the throws of buying a USB mixer either a Yamaha MG12XU or a Behringer X1222USB for a guitar solo - application and won...
5 replies
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