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Closed: Recording equipment
By willmaker 38
I used to use the karaoke channel online mixer and mic and got good sound when I recorded. Then i didn't have it as an option a...
3 replies
By g456 3
Hello Recently got this mixer and wanted to help. Im trying to stream on Twitch then on my mixer be-able to control the Game vo...
2 replies
Closed: Volume mixer problems
By HarleyBob
Hooking up a new mixer, Pro FX 8v2 by Mackie. The music playback Volume is so high it is distorted on play back. When I have th...
9 replies
Closed: LYRICS
By Shirl_Country_Diva 23
I write lyrics and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get them recorded at a reasonable price. They are all county songs.
2 replies
Closed: new computer
By jwcockrell 50
Does anyone on here have a new HP Envy ? If So i need to no how to get to my sound card or where every i need to go to take out...
4 replies
Closed: help with mixer
By Bamablues32 55
Just got a berringer xn502 mixer trying to get it set up on singsnap having problems getting it hooked up right its picking up ...
2 replies
Closed: help with mixer
By Bamablues32 55
Just got a berringer xn502 mixer trying to get it set up on singsnap having problems getting it hooked up right its picking up ...
No replies 50
Closed: microphone
By wildbill1958 51
I can't sing anymore songs here because when ever i go to record it says microphone is unavailable. does anyone know how to fix...
9 replies
Closed: Recording second part of Duet
By Denniskb22546 62
I don't know if it's just Newbies but here's a tip for folks finishing up the second part of a duet. When recording you should ...
3 replies
Closed: Setting Up Wizzard
By MysticalRose44 28
I have tried to set up wizard several times on a new computer and cannot get mic connected. I have set up wizard many times on ...
2 replies
Closed: Tip: For recording songs in different pitches u...
By AdamC3367 57
This tip is purely for IOS app users who have no way of recording using their desktop PC's. It is a 2 step process but may be w...
4 replies
Closed: Maybe there's someone around who can help me .....
By Karens_Music 88 +1
9 replies
Closed: Blue Snowball mic?
By HeatherH4286 48
Recommended or No? Who has used this?
6 replies
Closed: "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaac cuts off...
By SmokinToddAllen 32
The very last part "Nobody loves no one..." gets cut off.
1 reply
Closed: Ack! My recording is stuck in the mixer...
By Sssjim7 98
... been in there an awfully long time... anyone have a stick to poke in there and get it moving???
4 replies
Closed: recording
By GrannyFancy_1 24
Using a windows 10 all in one.... unable to record,,, no sound I am able to hear others who have recorded,,, but the mic on mi...
3 replies
Closed: Harmony !
By 1952 48
I haven't did a harmony in awhile could someone please let me know how to do this after recording my first song ? Greg, thank ...
1 reply
Closed: trouble recording
By tall 21
Hi I hspeakers and mic sound is good but I go to record and I get the music but not my voice recording
1 reply
Closed: Desperate. Can't get rid of clicking sounds
By Tigerin78 61
Please help me. I can't get rid off these annoying clicking sounds on my vocal track. The clipping detector didn't show any cli...
11 replies
Closed: Amplifier mix and match?
By Doug_Schwandt 72
I need a sound guru. I have a 2000W amplifier with 500W rms power, and a 100 watt amplifier. The 2kw amp is to channel. The 100...
5 replies
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