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Closed: I can't record a featured song!
By music_junky7 41
Today it appears that I am unable to record any featured songs. I tried two of them and this same thing happened: I hit z for r...
7 replies
Closed: Monitor main-mix inserts via heaphones on ZED-10FX
By Eargear 5
Hi MixerMasters! :) Got an equalizer and compressor hooked through main inserts on an Allen-Heath ZED-10FX. Can monitor main ...
1 reply
Closed: Windows 10
By Karens_Music 84
................................................................................................................. Now maybe thi...
7 replies
Closed: Can I re-record the same song?
By music_junky7 41
Well, I am proud of myself that I was able to record, but upon previewing the recording, I decided I didn't like it. I mean, th...
9 replies
Closed: Adding a video to recording
By Salali 58
I am use to getting pictures from photo bucket and make into slide show on my recordings but I have noticed some SS folk have a...
3 replies
Closed: setting up a new microphone
By Modigliani 59
OK I need help getting my CAD Audio U37 hooked up to my laptop for recording. Be very specific please. I am only moderately tec...
6 replies
Closed: Mic making me sound higher than I really am
By SirWolfyOfWolfWolf 24
Hey everyone! So, this might have already been discussed here, but I'm new, am having too much fun singing to scroll through en...
6 replies
Closed: Mic not working
By GinaMarie11 18
Hello, I could really use some help. My computer downloaded windows 10 and now I cant record. Everything is plugged in the s...
3 replies
Closed: How do I record from singsnap and save to my de...
By MrsP 24
I have to attend a funeral Sunday and I'll be to emotional to sing live so I would like to use one of my recordings in my accou...
3 replies
Closed: Wizard not detecting Cyberlink youcam
By knottygirls 53
Hello fellow Snappers!! We are wanting to try out some options offered through Cyberlink youcam (already installed on compute...
2 replies
Closed: 1/2 second delay in hearing yourself sing
By retrofan42 38
I wanted to get a general feeling of whether anyone has had this happen with their Windows computers... I upgraded from a Windo...
4 replies
Closed: Mac Stereo Mix
By CharlieA8211 3
Hi, Very new to the Mac and would like if someone could shed some light on stereo mix. I have a macbook Pro and I only have a h...
1 reply
Closed: blue
By CaptainKaraoke
I went blue yesterday and now i cant even sing the free songs
1 reply
Closed: How do I sing with people
By Thelovlylisa 19
I don't know why I can't figure this out. I want to sing duets with people . I have an iPhone 4 so I don't have some options t...
2 replies
Closed: mic problems
By starfire411 92 +11 +1
I have done everything i can think of, set the mic and cam to global, changed the settings in the recording devices made sure e...
7 replies
Closed: Not able to record. Only able to sing.
By Michael3002 5
Is this because I do not have a Gold membership ? It only allows me to sing to the songs.
3 replies
Closed: how do i hook up my Behringer QX1832usb 18 chan...
How do i hook up my Behringer QX1832usb 18 channel mixing board to singsnap?how do i hook up my Behringer QX1832usb 18 channel ...
1 reply
Closed: recording recordings to other media
By GregS7537 22
Is it possible to record songs I've done here to...say a cassette tape?
2 replies
Closed: wizard
By mums 44
Can't run the wizard. It goes as far as camera will test.... then nothing.
2 replies
Closed: EAX console don't support my creative SB audigy...
By skyuzzal 6
EAX console don't support my creative SB audigy value sound card. I'm using windows XP service pack-2. i just need a valid crea...
2 replies
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