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Best microphone to use??/
By MidnightRambler 43
I have many recordings...... all of them, well, ok for an older drummer LOL. What is the microphone everyone enjoys the most? H...
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Last by ELVIS_USA 54 5 months
5 months
By NawarajR1800 2
How can I setup my yamaha mg10xu and focusrite 2I2 as a audio interface in a same time in cubase 8.5 ?with figur plz
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Closed: Hear Music
By jeffconway 11
I cannot hear music when I start to record, can you tell me why???
1 reply
Closed: TC Helicon Mic Mechanic
By gaptx100 35
Has or does anyone used the TC Helicon Mic Mechanic and is it worth the price to buy it? My small mixer does not have any built...
3 replies
Closed: Summed Mono on Allen Heath Zed 10FX
By stagepony 4
Hi Everyone, How do I get Summed Mono Output from my two main speakers? Mono would be preferable since many karaoke situations ...
2 replies
Closed: WHY
By wendy18 36
Do I bother to sing ad save duets if I cannot hear the end result. It isn't fair.
2 replies
Closed: Help! My computer suddenly won't recognize my...
By PhyllisG1985 75
How can I fix this issue? Thanks !
5 replies
Closed: How do I record a song?
By Diantha1a 24
I have recorded a song, but, I do not see the save recording button. where is it located? Thanks
3 replies
Closed: Setup Guide for Mac & Yamaha MG10XU Mixer (...
By MrBill-12 37
Here are pics from my VERY simple Yamaha MG10XU setup with a Mac Mini running OS X El Capitan (Version 10.11.6). My Mac was bui...
No replies 315
Closed: Problems when recording duets
By Andym363 53
Hi i have a problem when recording duets with my partner i do my track which sounds fine but when she does her track i have lot...
13 replies
Closed: Problem saving recordings.
By Bunnykins +2
Recordings are sticking at PREPARING PREVIEW..AGAIN :( Is the site having server problems as I've noticed this problem popping ...
10 replies
Closed: Behringer C1U
By Annetta 41
I just wondered if this is as easy to set up on my PC (before I start), has anyone else got this mic? I said on all the info, y...
17 replies
Closed: Sound
By BikerJB 47
Hello. When I go to record a song, I sound fine until I play it back. I then sound like I'm in a tunnel. Any ideas how to corre...
8 replies
Closed: No Background Music from Cell
By SoloSongstress 101
I have a song that wanted to record a cappella, so when I initially recorded the song, I disabled the music. Well now I want th...
2 replies
Closed: Reverb
By Whakawatea 5
How do you get delay or reverb
2 replies
Closed: Hello
By Queen_Reina 16
I have a Q...what is possible offensive mode??im so new so you know I'm a noob lol
1 reply
Closed: Video upload
By Pinoy48 88
Hi, Where can I find tips/guides how to upload videos in my recordings?? I'm
6 replies
Closed: xp and mixer
By doraleediane 26
I have an xp several months ago I had to move my pc . I should have paid attention how I had it hooked up and also the settings...
2 replies
Closed: Mixer
By doraleediane 26
I have a Dell Dimension 8250 with XP program. My speakers are Logitech Z313. I also have the Altec Lansing Speaker that were on...
1 reply
Closed: Record error message
By JagManDon 52
Every since I tried to install a new USB mic (Samson C01U Pro) I can't seem to be able to record anything even after removing i...
10 replies
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