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Sticky: Timing problems with The Mixer.
By Jason 48 +1
If you are having issues with the 'sync' then this thread is for you. What I mean by 'sync' is the synchronization of the voice...
433 replies
Sticky: Setup Guides for Sound and Mic Settings
By Rob 90 +13
The following guides from our Help Tutorials will help you through the process of checking your sound and mic settings to ensur...
3 replies
Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per
The "Recording Help & Tips" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with is...
No replies 6,220
flash player
By charis28 14
Hi havent been on in long time tried to set up again on 2 computers but havet latest flash player so wont load and songs to lis...
3 replies
Last by MikeIII 108 +2 about 10 hours
About 10 hours
Windows 10 Drivers new edition
Caveats 1. This thread is not supported by Singsnap Support, as they do not want the hassle dealing with Driver questions. 2. T...
90 replies
Last by MikeIII 108 +2 2 days
2 days
Singing and Recording
By JungleJane1 40
Hi, I see some people with nice setups and wonder what to get. All I have to use is a usb mic from nintendo. I have to hold it ...
6 replies
Last by JungleJane1 40 6 days
6 days
Adobe Flash Player
By EarlW2829 34
Every recorded song says Adobe Flash is blocked.
3 replies
Last by MikeIII 108 +2 8 days
8 days
Mac and recording setup
By garylyn1 14
Hello: When I setup recording it shows deny and doesn't let me move forward on my MAc.
3 replies
Last by neodrew 94 8 days
8 days
Setting up
By Johnny-Goodtime 4
I have a Mac desktop computer. What do I need to get in order to make Singsnap work? i.e., what kind of mixer, headsets, microp...
2 replies
Last by neodrew 94 8 days
8 days
my recordings sound terrible
By Amaris 18
I have a mixer and microphone that are old and I honestly don't know how to use them, here is a sample of a recording, you can ...
6 replies
Last by Steve-G 91 +5 10 days
10 days
NO Expensive Mics Needed.
By Michael-Weatherly 94
Using the iPhone and or Android Apps I doubt people need expensive mics. Check out this young lady singing with her iPhone and ...
2 replies
Last by cannotsing24 108 +12 10 days
10 days
Adobe Issue
By Sean_Qendra 17
I run Windows 10 and use Firefox. After getting my Gold today, I ran the setup wizard then tried recording. However, I found - ...
4 replies
Last by Sean_Qendra 17 12 days
12 days
playing songs
By bassplayer1953 21
I can't play any songs I have recorded or any other persons song.It shows the songs but when you try to play there is no pictur...
2 replies
Last by Steve-G 91 +5 12 days
12 days
By HoytDexter 25
Microphone not working on singsnap
No replies 16
My Garageband keeps crashing
By ohlson4p 4
Hey guys, I have an iPhone XR and I was using Garageband on my mac for a long time. However, when I open GB on my iPhone, it st...
6 replies
Last by adjessica 3 13 days
13 days
Sync Problem?
By forevrbeth 104
I don't know what is going on, but all of a sudden my video is not syncing during recording or after mixing. While singing and ...
10 replies
Last by pls8xx 16 days
16 days
Tubemix mixer
By daveyboy 19
Ok I have a tubemix mixer and I have it all setup my own little studio. When I'm singing music and mic sound great but when I p...
6 replies
Last by bigbadrobby 58 16 days
16 days
distorted singing
By shona 41
Could someone help me with settings on a Samson co1u studio condenser mic if so could i be pm;d Thanks
2 replies
Last by Elder_Inky_9KOS 46 20 days
20 days
Burning songs to a cd
By shalalababy 49
Was wonder if we can actually burn our songs to a cd for our own use to listen at our own leisure
2 replies
Last by -Bev- 106 +6 23 days
23 days
By tessabella 22
It does work
No replies 47
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