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Sticky: Timing problems with The Mixer.
By Jason 48
If you are having issues with the 'sync' then this thread is for you. What I mean by 'sync' is the synchronization of the voice...
433 replies
Sticky: Setup Guides for Sound and Mic Settings
By Rob 83 +6 +22
The following guides from our Help Tutorials will help you through the process of checking your sound and mic settings to ensur...
3 replies
Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per
The "Recording Help & Tips" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with is...
No replies 5,508
What would you sound like with effects
By pls8xx
This is for those that don't have effects to use on their recordings. For some time medical issues and drugs have wreaked my vo...
34 replies
Last by SamJones 47 about 22 hours
About 22 hours
Windows 10 Fall Creators' Update Version 1709
By BCSchmerker2 80
Microsoft® Windows® 10.0.16299.33 is out! Has anyone recorded here at SingSnap® using this latest Update? If so, can you pleas...
7 replies
Last by BCSchmerker2 80 2 days
2 days
Sharing recording
By Fox2015 46
I find I can share to Facebook and Twitter. But can I share to youtube ?
2 replies
Last by Tinypumpkin 101 +9 +10 5 days
5 days
Windows 10 Drivers new edition
Caveats 1. This thread is not supported by Singsnap Support, as they do not want the hassle dealing with Driver questions. 2. T...
19 replies
Last by MikeIII 103 6 days
6 days
Sing with me and help Me
By Voicecool 8
If u guys want to help me So bad I will give u Gold
1 reply
Last by ZZ-Ed 63 9 days
9 days
How to add lyrics to an original track?
By Vegan_Musician 39
Hi, I'm a pro pianist, so I'm thinking of adding some piano tracks to the community for certain songs that can't be found. Howe...
10 replies
Last by Vegan_Musician 39 10 days
10 days
Mic & Mixer
By GinaMarie11 19
Hello Everyone, In the past I had a nice MXL mic and behinger mixer for Sing Snap but I decided to make it easier...
5 replies
Last by Voicecool 8 10 days
10 days
Recorder, No Sound
By Rocker_Girl +1 +2
Hiya!! I haven't had a problem in a long time on here. Now all of a sudden when I go to record it says I have no sound to recor...
4 replies
Last by Bucks_Fizz 105 +6 11 days
11 days
By JulieW2119 58
I am still trying to create a spotlight. This is what I did: opened a song, clicked on Add to playlist, clicked on Create a new...
2 replies
Last by Bucks_Fizz 105 +6 14 days
14 days
Yamaha MG 10XU 192 24
By AudioWorks 4
When I first installed the driver for this mixer I could go to the settings, type in Yamaha and the control interface for the A...
No replies 35
Behringer UMC202HD U-Phoria USB Interface ???
By Cata_Luke
Anyone have this? Or one similar to it ? Saw a thread on this the other day, Read about it, Went to Amazon and saw rave reviews...
7 replies
Last by Cata_Luke 14 days
14 days
display three songs
By JulieW2119 58
Could someone tell me how I display three songs above my recordings page? I have forgotten how you use this facility Julie
3 replies
Last by starfire411 93 +4 15 days
15 days
How to get sound effects from DAW software reap...
By Tigerin78 61
Really would love to add some nice vocal effects to my recordings here on singsnap. My setup so far is, using a sennheiser micr...
1 reply
Last by Tigerin78 61 17 days
17 days
Purchasing Mixer Help
By strawberi50 54
I am thinking of buying my own external mixer. I'd like to record some cds for my kids. I know we can't use SS which is sad but...
7 replies
Last by pls8xx 19 days
19 days
mixer not setting volume correctly
By non-singer 42
If I uncheck the box to remove the music, it mixes with music. If I put the mixer all the way to the right so you should not he...
3 replies
Last by TexasTom 66 +1 25 days
25 days
Pics for a slide...
By horse-gal 51
Where do I go to put pics on for a slide ?
1 reply
Last by Bucks_Fizz 105 +6 27 days
27 days
By Blueroses 27
My Boyfriend (Criminal Defence Lawyer Jim O'Neil) registered me again for a Gold Membership two weeks ago......I was able to r...
9 replies
Last by ImaChristian2 100 +1 +3 27 days
27 days
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