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Closed: Wanna pee your pants laughing???
By bbetty 42
Ok, now I'm cross promoting here...this song I sang is from the "Truth & Dare" board, and I made such a fool out of myself....I...
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Closed: This was amazing
By pammie_lyn 29
I am sure most of you have heard him, but good lord he actually had my attention away from my coffee this morning with this one...
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By Blueangel 67
I'm new to singsnap and in general pretty shy...but I just have to let everyone know that a member ....Arcticcatman....has put ...
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Closed: singing the 80's songs
By tammy10
I ran up on a person who I think can sing great on the 80's songs. (Guyc ) doesnt have many views. I got to listen to him last ...
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Closed: Believe in a thing called "LOVE"
By maccaj 4
Check out my new sub! LOL...that song is crazy to sing, but im crazy enough to do it! Hope ya guys like it! I didnt know I coul...
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Closed: I hate the idea of self promotion, but....
By damiens
I don't know many people here, but if you have a second to stop by and listen to some of my music, that would be great. Thanks,...
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Closed: Switching to just Video
By bobbyrocks 2
One of the main reasons im doing this is i really hate the camera on myself so what i did was create videos while im singing so...
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Closed: Check this out
By mel 19 +1
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Closed: promote Alien
By madamblue 12
Cutest song ever,,,actually two of them and one kick azzz rock song!!,,,Alien really rules!!!
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Closed: Just visit the Legendary Bluesengine ShowGroup
By BluesEngine
Hey Folks we wanna share all the good stuff with you haven´t seen us or you never heard from us don´t waana mi...
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Closed: This guy is great!
By just_another_voice 2
Http:// You won't be sorry
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Closed: This Gal Rocks!!!!!
By Grizzly_Adams
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By steviemac 12
CHECK OUT eladawn and blou they did a bonnie raitt song together its AAAWWWSOME
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Closed: Promote my niece I suppose...
By ConnieG 96 +1
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Closed: Fairly New Here :)
By mariestarr
Hey I am fairly new here....dont really know anyone. Here's a link to one of my songs....
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Closed: Want a good laugh?
By maccaj 4
CHECK THIS OUT! LOL Desertunes: Singing.....Tomorrow (Annie) -
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Closed: Original Songs
By LadyLexx 4
I know there are original songs out there, but you will only find them by accident. If you find one, post it here. Here is mine...
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Closed: Acoustic Performance!
By maccaj 4
If you are a fan of people who plays guitar and sing then you should check this out! Sunshine_Princess does this acoustic perfo...
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Closed: My neice
By lorilyn38
Okay this is my niece singing with her mom...until she discovered she could reach the Oreos. But it's adorable anyway http://ww...
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Closed: Loving You..HOLY MOLY!
By maccaj 4
I thought id promote my shares of songs that deserves more viewings, some with many but still..its hard to resist sometimes LOL...
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