Shamelessly promote yourself and others here.

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Closed: palmsurfer
By Palmsurfer
Hi I recently joined singsnap, so yes Im new :-) Im not promoting myself, im that new I couldnt find the right category LOL. Wh...
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By Linda-Ca 8
PAPADARBY from Ksolo FINALLY accepted an invitation to see what's happening here at SINGSNAP. PAPADARBY has always been an enco...
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Closed: DON'T Listen To This
By Charli 21
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Closed: One Of My Best
By Charli 21
This is one of my favorites and I did one of the few recordings of this song here...a Rod Stewart number: http://www.singsnap.c...
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Closed: Darlin`Sue,where are you??
By Silliana 4
*Lmao* Never thought I would go posting on this page,but I sang a song for Sue`s birthday and nobody have gone listen t...
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By poochierawr
Ahahha.. i love her.. the end..
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Closed: imma little tepot.. ehehe
By poochierawr
Theres like tons of extra space left after this track .. so i decided to grace everyone with my rendidtion of "im a little teap...
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Closed: blank recording space
By Huck 19
Would it be ok if there were a spot ..just blank recording space ...for original songs ..done by members not to be used to do a...
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Closed: Snow, snow and more snow!!
By Janey 67
I made a little video of March in Manitoba..
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Closed: listen to these for your enjoyment lol
By Lov1tt28 25
These are so funny ..they took me ages enjoy ... http://ww...
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Closed: My Sweetie sings too!
By SingingTaz 45
I have to drag him and tie him to the microphone...but then no one listens at all...he is really good...please check out Shower...
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Closed: *New SONG!*
By ChrisKennedy 6
Hey guys, i just thought i'd let you know, i RECORDED A NEW SONG! WOO! I dont see why this self promotion should be embarassing...
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Closed: Give these a listen
By Soulrebel1 7
G'day singsnappers, I found a cool little flash program type thing whilst trawling along on google, it's enabled me to put a fe...
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Closed: Promoting my sweetie
By Cynds 26
Please give him a listen, he is fantastic and I want him to become addicted like the rest of us LOL Thanks!!! http://www.singsn...
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Closed: My Dedication to ALL my singsnap friends :)
By bradsmom06 11
Not sure if this really belongs in a specific place?? But this one's for all of you!! ~HUGS~
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Closed: streakin
By singin_fool_74
Hello all...for everyone that loves the song the streak by ray best friend did the most awesome job ever!!!! it wa...
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By chrissylou75 34
Hello all there is only 14 days left for voting for this months contest , i would really appreciate any votes but you do need t...
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Closed: the new loco photo map
By chrissylou75 34
Ive just added to my profile page the new map loco picture guestbook thingymebob gadget what ever you want to call it lol , i w...
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Closed: Wanna pee your pants laughing???
By bbetty 37
Ok, now I'm cross promoting here...this song I sang is from the "Truth & Dare" board, and I made such a fool out of myself....I...
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Closed: This was amazing
By pammie_lyn 29
I am sure most of you have heard him, but good lord he actually had my attention away from my coffee this morning with this one...
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