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Six Channels of the MOST Awesome Christmas Music
By VitaminDee 93 +23
Snappers sang Christmas songs for 14 weeks & with their talent some amazing Christmas channels were created! Click on the imag...
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Last by VitaminDee 93 +23 15 days
15 days
without music. dont judge a book
By RuthieFlowers 39
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Watcher Of The Skies
By sabathiel 39
"Watcher of the Skies" is the first track on and the only single from English progressive rock band Genesis' 1972 album Foxtrot...
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By Sherrie +1
Designs by Sherrie Davies owner of Visual Realities. These are created of and for Amapola (Poppy) Cabase.
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Tell Me Why
By sabathiel 39
"Tell Me Why" was the last Genesis single featuring Phil Collins on vocals. A royalty from the single was donated to the Bosnia...
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By starfire411 93 +1
I spend time in the newbies section and listen and there are a great many of them with really great vocals, I hope everyone wil...
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Dancing Queen (acoustic ballad)
By sabathiel 39
Dancing Queen" is a Europop song by the Swedish group ABBA, and the lead single from their fourth studio album, Arrival. It was...
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Last by cannotsing24 102 +2 21 days
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Halloween Songs
By KLFtunes 76
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A new one I wrote
By Bradgravestone 55
Check out this recording of SingSnap Original on #SingSnap #karaoke
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Vocal Creation Weekly
By cwang50 55
THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE 8/7/16 - 8/12/16 8PM SS time Welcome, Welcome, to our next Vocal Creation Challenge. We try to have them ...
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Last by cwang50 55 24 days
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Beatles shout out
By Bradgravestone 55
Wrote this last night. Sorry about the playing. Need some practice Check out this recording of SingSnap Original on #SingSnap ...
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Any Rock Singing Ladys Hear on Singsnap?
By BigDaddyRich 52
Http:// Hear is my part of a Very Cool Rock Duet!! Got To Be Some Lady singers that want to...
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Last by BigDaddyRich 52 25 days
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My version of Your Song by Elton John
By vypersix 31
This is my version of Your Song by Elton John. This is for my dearest friend. Your Song Elton John
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Is This The World We Created. . . ?
By sabathiel 39
"Is This the World We Created...?" is a song by English rock band Queen, which was originally released on their eleventh studio...
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Supper's Ready
By sabathiel 39
To us believers this is Jerusalem boogie but to the birds this means supper is ready. You need popcorn and maybe a newspaper fo...
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About 1 month
September when it comes
By Bradgravestone 55
Check out this recording of SingSnap Original on #SingSnap #karaoke
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One a month singing with my Fans
By RuthieFlowers 39
If ur seeking a singing partner once a month i may pick u if ur on my fan list to sing with
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Last by RuthieFlowers 39 about 1 month
About 1 month
I am the One who guided you this far
By sabathiel 39
"Guide Vocal" (Genesis - written by Tony Banks from the 1980 Genesis album "Duke") I am the one who guided you this far, All yo...
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Last by sabathiel 39 about 1 month
About 1 month
Blast From The Past
By painkiller 39
Post songs from when you first joined Singsnap
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Last by painkiller 39 about 1 month
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Buttercup's Bewitching Halloween Contest - Signups
By Buttercup1980 56
Please click on the following Thread Link, to sign up and join this Contest...
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