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Announcement: Mac And Cheese Challenge !
By Novella 111 +51
Mac N' Cheese Is Back For The Attack! Mmmm Cheese! Cheese is a fantastic addition to any plate! Truthfully, if you're like me a...
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Last by SingSnap_Events 66 +7 5 months
5 months
Closed: Bluesy
By Anna-Rea 98 +4
I am going to hold a Blue's contest , not one's been done that I see . I know how to judge the contest , and have help but have...
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By Poppy +6
27,547 replies
By Kriss_inmusic 78
SING FROM MY UPLOADED SONGS AND POST IT HERE This is a new place where you can post all the songs you sing from all my uploaded...
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Last by Bear50 93 +6 5 months
5 months
Announcement: Join The End of Summer Bash!
By Novella 111 +51
Summer Is Coming to An End - Let's Party! Summer has flown by, so we're wrapping up the Month of August in style! We want to he...
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Last by TERRYS-TOONS 64 +2 5 months
5 months
a singsnap timewarp - the rocky horror
By angelicbrat 68
Ladies and gentlemen, It has just gone 43 years to the day when the Rocky Horror Picture Show was released, anyone can be the p...
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Last by -Bev- 103 +10 5 months
5 months
Closed: Blues and R&B Club - Archive
By coolhandluke 43
Post you Blues and R&B songs here just for fun. rules are: Follow all SS rules. Keep it clean. No drama. Old recordings ok. Lis...
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Announcement: Happily Ever After Time!
By Novella 111 +51
This Is Your Chance For Happily Ever After! The time has come to put your voice where your heart is! We want you to pretend tha...
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Last by SingSnap_Events 66 +7 6 months
6 months
Announcement: An Enchanted Battle!
By Novella 111 +51
Are You Ready To Battle? Enemy lines have been drawn in the sand. The castle is under siege and which side becomes victorious i...
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Closed: ADA Karaoke Championship July 2018 Ediition
By Alisa95424 96
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Announcement: Slay Your Dragon!
By Novella 111 +51
Slay Your Inner Dragon SingSnap! The month of August is all about Fairy tales! As you all know, reaching your happily ever afte...
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Closed: T.S.H.O.F. Hot Spot #2
By Darrell_McCoy
THE SINGERS HALL OF FAME HOT SPOT #2 This site is for challenges ONLY no contests will EVER be held on this site Keep watching ...
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Announcement: Christmas In July!
By Novella 111 +51
Let's Cool Down The Heat! Brought back by popular demand - we are squeezing one more challenge in for the month of July and it ...
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Announcement: Summerfest - Love Songs Of The 90s!
By Novella 111 +51
It's Time To Get In The Loving Room! As we approach the end of our journey towards becoming Snap Stars and attending the most e...
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Announcement: Snapstock Summerfest!
By Novella 111 +51
Join Us For The Musical Festival Of The Century! Have you heard the reviews? Snapstock is a new music festival that is taking t...
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Announcement: Summerfest - 80's Movie Night!
By Novella 111 +51
It's 80's Movie Time! As we start our journey towards becoming Snap Stars and attending the most epic music festival in history...
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Announcement: Summerfest - 70's Dance Party!
By Novella 111 +51
It's Time For a Dance Party! We are about to embark on the second week of our journey towards becoming Snap Stars and attending...
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Closed: SS Gospel Chateau
By kimsullivan7 95
I would like to invite you to join in and relax at the SS Gospel Chateau! We are here to pray with you, chit chat,listen to awe...
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Announcement: Summerfest - 60's Road Trip!
By Novella 111 +51
We're Going On A Roadtrip! As we start our journey towards becoming Snap Stars and attending the most epic music festival in hi...
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Announcement: We Are Getting Goofy!
By Novella 111 +51
It's Time To Get Your Goof On! There's only one thing that Trevor enjoys more than goofin' off - and that is when YOU guys goof...
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