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Sticky: Official SingSnap Challenge Banners!
By Novella 111 +16
SingSnap Challenge Banners! Welcome to your one-stop spot for all of our Challenge Banners! If you can't find the banner you're...
212 replies
Announcement: Two Truths And A Lie!
By Novella 111 +16
How Well Do You Know Your Fellow Snappers?! You may have played this game before with your friends, but now we're bringing it t...
267 replies
Announcement: Turn Back The Clock!
By Novella 111 +16
Turn Back The Clock! Whether we like it or not, time passes us by quickly. Friday's challenge is all about taking a moment, ref...
395 replies
Announcement: Say Cheese Challenge!
By Novella 111 +16
Say Cheese SingSnap! You've all had one - a dreaded school photo that when you look back, you wonder "What on earth was I think...
327 replies
Announcement: Snap Opera Chat Event!
By Novella 111 +16
Like Sand Through The Hour Glass...! So are the days of our lives on SingSnap! We're having a chat event on Friday - September ...
60 replies
Announcement: Mac N Cheese Challenge!
By Novella 111 +16
Introducing Mac N' Cheese! Cheese is good with just about everything. It's the best side kick on the planet and really, it is f...
280 replies
Announcement: Summerfest 2015 - Wicked Waterfall
By Novella 111 +16
Summerfest - Week Four - Wicked Waterfall The fourth and final week of Summerfest has arrived! Thus far our days have been spen...
460 replies
Announcement: Summerfest 2015 - Whale Wave!
By Novella 111 +16
Summerfest - Week Three - Whale Wave! Last week was a bit too thrilling, so we're taking it back a notch but not too much! We'r...
432 replies
Announcement: Secret Santa In July!
By Novella 111 +16
It's Time For Christmas In July! SingSnap Style! We are doing something we've always wanted to do but was never actually feasib...
123 replies
We Are Simply Christians
By angels-among-us 72
11,684 replies
Last by rowenusmc 62 about 8 hours
About 8 hours
Duet Frenzy Friday!
By Novella 111 +16
A Duet Frenzy Is Upon Us! Two voices are always better than one! One of the most incredible things about SingSnap are the bonds...
415 replies
Last by SingSnap_Events 66 +2 1 day
1 day
The Souuuuuuul Train
By TheLionessDen_7 50
Sweet Soul Music
852 replies
Last by lennyv 62 2 days
2 days
Closed: KENTUCKYTRUE Work space
By kentuckytrue 81
Ideas, Lists, Banners, ect…….
369 replies
By Poppy
***Artwork by TDC, Additional Artwork by Poppy, Artwork idea by Starsearch
60,800 replies
Last by MikeIII 107 5 days
5 days
Announcement: Halloween Blood Bash In The SingS...
By KeithK1971 84 +3
The Halloween Blood Bash - Come Join The Vampire Coven! Every person who wants to join the Coven needs to show up for the 8 PM...
32 replies
Last by Krista_Belle 42 11 days
11 days
Announcement: Shocktober - The Cemetery Of Fear
By Novella 111 +16
Shocktober - Cemetery of Fear! An evil demon is trying to silence SingSnap by stealing voices one song at a time. It is our goa...
232 replies
Last by 10ACANGEL 66 12 days
12 days
Announcement: Fright Night Halloween Challenge!
By Novella 111 +16
Join Us For A Night Of Fright! Shocktober may be over, but we're not quite ready to say farewell to October! Join us for one la...
194 replies
Last by bev2738 100 +1 16 days
16 days
Catholic Choir
By cannotsing24 107 +5
Come Join in bring your Gospel Songs in No Contest,Just sing for Jesus and each other I will listen,,,,,,Thank you bring em in ...
7,330 replies
Last by cannotsing24 107 +5 16 days
16 days
Announcement: Jammie Jam 2019!
By Novella 111 +16
Get Your Jammie Jam On! Summer is just flying by and Fall is fast upon us. We have decided to welcome the cooler weather by hav...
246 replies
Last by 10ACANGEL 66 17 days
17 days
Announcement: Shocktober - Haunted Horrors!
By Novella 111 +16
Shocktober - 2019 Has Arrived! There is a demon of epic proportions trying to silence SingSnap! He is stealing voices from Snap...
61 replies
Last by SingSnap_Events 66 +2 21 days
21 days
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