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Sticky: Contest Disclaimer
By Annie 84 +1
SingSnap or its registered members may sponsor and run skill based contests through the Sites, Application or Mobile Web Enviro...
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Closed: Gender Bender/ Pre-Record Contest
By Carolina_Denise09 64
Hey everyone and welcome to my Gender Bender/ Pre-Record Contest! You can submit either a Gender Bender or a song you have sang...
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Shirl & Michael's Walk Down a country Road
By sjb9031 59
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Pepsi's Legends In Concert Series #13 - SORRY...
By Pepsi_3369 +6
SORRY CONTEST FULL. Thank you all so much for joining me for this months Legends In Concert Series #13 AWARD BANNERS FOR EVERYO...
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Shirl & Michael's Walk down a Country Road
By sjb9031 59
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Looking Out My Back Door
By GloriaDarcy 50 +1
Welcome! Bring any song! Gender benders, harmonies, duets, pre-records allowed. NO DUPLICATES. NO AUTOTUNE OR VOICE ENHANCEMEN...
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Five Decades of Duets **Round Two**
By VitaminDee 94 +9
WELCOME TO ROUND TWO -Deadline February 24th, 10pm SingSnap time- We are full and ready to go. This is a three round, non elim...
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Flurryfest Contest with sweetietlk & Uninte...
By sweetietlk 104 +11
Welcome to sweetietlk & Unintended's Flurryfest Contest! This is a 4 Round Contest so please make sure you can commit to all th...
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Last by rosearose8 86 +3 about 4 hours
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