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Closed: Heeey !!!
By Silliana 4
Do you wanna talk on Skype with a complete stranger !!! jUST WANNA SEND ME A MESSAGE ??? *lol*
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Closed: A SingSnap Milestone, and other numbers.
By agamoto
Sometime today, the recording of the 200,000th performance on Singsnap will be entered into the database... I think this requir...
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Closed: For the Kids!!
By Mary54 17
I just posted "God's Will" and for every member that leaves a comment, I'll donate a dollar to our local Country Station's Radi...
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Closed: General.
By dave53 2
I just one to state that they're some Great people on here way too many to mention but they know who they are, Thanks for makin...
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Closed: Live Karaoke Contest - Help!!!!
By MsWoodSD 26
I don't even know if this is in the right place, but I need to pick a song for the finals in our local karaoke contest, and qui...
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Closed: I wanna Thank you
By bobbyrocks 2
Hello Everyone, Very new here.. been here for a few days now and I must say to the community thank you for having this and bein...
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Closed: can i get your opinion on this song
By Lov1tt28 26
Can you guys do me a favour listen to this i tried to sound like the band as best as could cos i love this and wanted to share ...
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Closed: Leave comments please
By teeny1973 13
I dont understand the views but no comments -I will take constructive critisism but if you took the time to view at least put s...
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Closed: New Security Features
By Jason 48
We've implemented some new features to keep our ever-lovin' Singsnappers safe! You can find a new section called "Security" in ...
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Closed: New Content
By tony 101 +31
50 additional songs have been added to the site. Take a look under "Sing & Record" - "New Releases" to find out what they are.
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Closed: joining?
I have my daughter in law who wants to can I invite her to join without her having to wait in the waiting list?
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Closed: Stage Presence
By cjtay
I would like to open up a topic on stage presence, somthing that if you watch American Idol, you know that most people do not h...
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Closed: Help!!
By lilmissjames 2
How do I find a song that has never been recorded before? Is there a trick or do I just have to go through all the songs, cuz o...
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Closed: Top Performers
By bobby5546 46
What are the criteria for a top performer ?? If you have to have a category of a top performer ..unless its just a popularity c...
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Closed: New Guest Books...
By Novella 110 +18 +32
What are your thoughts on these new guest books? What do you think about people soliciting signatures? Are they just another fa...
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Closed: new guest book
By pappajesus
Hi this his papajesus i just added a new guest book plz feel three to sign it
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Closed: new guest book
By mamapony 2
Hello this mama pony i just added a new guest book plz feel free to sign it
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Closed: bottlenecks
By yemaj6
The only problem I see with this site is there are alot of bottlenecks occuring with this website. There are too many lags that...
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Closed: re new guest book
By cooldude 2
Hello to all that have suported me on here thankyou so much and iv added a new guest book plz feel free to add ur selfs thank y...
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Closed: Are we that ignorant?
By ConnieG 96
I really don't think singsnappers have become this ignorant even if repeat views.. cos if repeat views you'd think that we'd re...
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