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Closed: Duets on page!
By silveroracle 10
How do I put Duets links onto my page? This is to make it easier for people. Sy.
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Closed: I Can't Believe
By hnogirl
I know this has been talked to death, but I cannot believe how people will attack others through ratings and private messages. ...
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Closed: Becoming like the contest sights?
By kit001 2
Okay, question for anyone out I th eonly one who is getting "spammed" by singers on here? I leave a comment on a so...
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By LilBitK0ntry 3
Http:// *to hear angels singing copy and paste into your browser*
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Closed: just a big thank you
By sundolle 9
You guys are AWSOME!!!!....thanks so much for posting some childrens songs...
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Closed: help
By janelle 5
I'm new on singsnap....could somebody tell me how to delete a song...I saved 2 songs that I want to re-do..and change the photo...
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Closed: member profile page
By Beffy 3
Hello I am new to this site and I have noticed that some members have added to their member profile pages. They look really nic...
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Closed: Blown away
By joaoj 28
Teresa says ,God didnt give me the gift to sing but love to listen and I'm just blown away with all the gifted people here..~~~...
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Closed: Trio's
By MmeOdileC 33
Alright everyone..I have just made a trio out of a all started with Johnny's song...You raise me up...then it went to...
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Closed: entering the chat room
By hometowngirl62 24
How do i get in, it shows nothing on my screen when i hit chat room
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By Nikkie
Wondering why I am not seeing new couples recordings on today's Featured page. It's the same ones all day long. No new ones!?
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Closed: How did you get over the shyness?
By Gryffindor
I sing karaoke alll the time, but hearing myself on this dumb old computer with the dumb old headset...well, let's just say I w...
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Closed: Jealousy on board
By Maria
This is for the creep who is deliberately bringing great singers down with lowering their suck and everyone is wat...
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By mel 19
Hi I would like to make a list with songs which are FRENCH!!! Please help me! :-) Btw if there are songs in German or Italian w...
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Closed: ima snap virgin!! help!!
By tortuga619 5
How do i add friends?? any tips on getting around?? i use singshot do any of you sing on that site?? any help is appreciated!!
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Closed: flu songs
By WebAndNet 1
Cough, cough... Are there songs made for flus Accchhhuuu! Fluid songs, drink plenty songs, weather is cold songs; there should ...
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Closed: Adding Favorites
By Marisa
Hey, everyone! It's so great listening to so many of you - I'd love to add so many people to my "Favorites" list, but I have no...
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Closed: Look But Dont Comment
By HarryHornet
Hi i cant help but wonder Why people look and listern BUT dont leave comments about your singing! Please Please can we start le...
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Closed: Say something PLEASE
By rowdi 3
Why is it that people pass through but don't say hello, if you listen to a song by someone why not say something or make a rati...
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Closed: Group videos & Fun Stuff
By Quartastrophy
Well you MIGHT already Know, we are a quite crazy bunch and like to do fun songs together! That is Pilzbert, Zeiserla & Mel on ...
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