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Closed: A New Page
By nursenessa 50
The Community Intro Page... How do you feel about it ? I was confused at first, but it's a great idea!
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Announcement: A new page
By Per
Hey everyone, let me know what you think about the new Community -> Intro page. Thanks, and have a great weekend! :)
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Closed: comments????
By RitaCarol
Hi, I love singsnap though I haven't been here a lengthy time. I noticed some of the very best singers here sometimes get the l...
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Closed: A New Way to Record: The Mixer! And.. STEREO!
By Jason 48
We've been working on this new feature for a long time now, and we're happy to introduce new recording options in our recording...
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Closed: Lic issues
By -Tas- 71
I am very happy that many of the licensed songs are coming back, but at the same time I feel like I'm being slighted. I've noti...
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Closed: KaraokeTam
By DANO 19
What has happened to Tammy? She was ill last month and has'nt posted since. She does'nt answer her messages, etc. I truely hope...
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Closed: coloured names
By dottiebee 17
Hi all been away from ss for a while and have now noticed that alongside the gold and blue members there appears to be purple /...
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Closed: Thank you Singsnap staff
By bdcannysing 1
Thank you to all the staff for all your efforts to get Billy Joel, Beatles etc back on here. Its easy to moan about it as I and...
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Closed: commenting
By Carl_ 2
I love to listen to people sing here and have made alot of friends but lately I have almost stopped commenting when I listen to...
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Closed: private messages
By Carl_ 2
I have 10 and 12 days old unread messages (and some even older) and now I can't find them because of the new change they did ye...
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Closed: bands on singsnap
By browner010 4
Are there any bands that a person can sing with on singsnap? I have found only 1
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Closed: what's up with
By WildMan2 2
How come they have more people to view then there is to comment ? i wish SS would make them to log in before they could listen .
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Closed: New Stereo Testing Feedback
By Jason 48
Hello all, I'm about to allow all the new testers to have access to the stereo recorder. There is a lot of you, and so this thr...
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Closed: Just plain too bad.....
By s_m_i_l_e_4_u
How does a part timer person who spends less than two months annually here on Sing Snap ever gonna get nominated to "Hall of fa...
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Closed: New songs list
By Hope_4_2009 4
I'd like to know why all of the knew songs are gold member songs. Does anyone know? Thanks.
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Closed: Subscription payment failed?
By karaokegod73 31
I got an e-mail from Paypal stating that a payment for subscription had failed, because I had no back-up fund for my account. N...
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Announcement: RHYTHM & NEWS ISSUE #5
By News_Team 1
Break out the champagne! Sound the horns! Drop the knitting and wait no more! The News Team proudly presents the latest edition...
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Closed: artists now available in which regions?
By luv2sing4eva 26
ABBA :( say no more...weep, weep, weep. okay. done sulking.... now i have a question.... is it possible to see which of artists...
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Closed: Returned Songs...part 63582
By Miles 52
A short while ago, when we had the last batch of licenced songs, Trevor mentioned something along the lines of "the songs we lo...
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Closed: Thinking of Auditioning...
By sweetnightingale 6
Hey gang, I'm thinking of auditioning for American's Got Talent. Maybe you all could help me out here. I'm looking for song sug...
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