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Closed: Ratings
By Joney 32
How are ratings worked out? I see some singers only having maybe 3 views but still have 5 star ratings showing. How can that be...
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Closed: What is with the yellow/goldish box around reco...
By AngelMagicMuse 8
I was just wondering what is with the yellowish gold box that is around where it says the name and artist and member who sang i...
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Closed: Trevor
By divasky 42
Need to do something about people hacking his web site..there are added viruses, some smart Tech, I suppose.. we had the same p...
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Closed: HOF
By 1967baby 25
How does the HOF work.... sorry if im being particularly dumb... I mean I know you can nominate people but how many nominations...
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Closed: songs
By lovingtheson
When I sing a song almost immediatly I get email anout the recordings...When they sing I don't get anyemail telling me thay san...
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Closed: comments...
No body comments anymore ...i still do and very few others....has it got that bad??? i for one enjoy comments...sooo sometimes ...
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Closed: deleting duets
By fatcat 2
Can someone tell me how to delete duets of my featured on pages that i don't want there anymore?
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Announcement: New Public Relations Team
By trevor 64 +7 +6 +2
We have created a new team! The PR-Team's primary role will be to spread the word about SingSnap through any and all media. The...
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Closed: SORRY :(
By m_a_z_e 13
Im sorry to all my friends here for not being on in some time i ben dealing with the los of my grandmother i will be back on an...
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Closed: Honouring Les Paul
By Bonita 3
It would be an honour to sing songs for Les Paul. But you know he was a country guitarist and of all the songs they have on the...
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Closed: A huge Thank you to my sponsor.
By Whiskey 3
I know that I am not allowed to use names but I'm so tickled, I'm about to bust at the seams for the kind-hearted gesture of th...
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Closed: Gold vs Blue
By Satori 2
Hi all: I am curious, as I am not able to make the plunge into Gold yet, and when and If I do, it'll probably be just a month h...
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Closed: confused about contests
By Satori 2
Hi, as new here , I am browsing the forums. One thing I have noticed is how anorganized this is. It seems to be mostly people t...
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By Houston 23
Sure seems that no one participates in the Feature Page from about 8am until after 7pm. Small amount of entries during the week...
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Closed: Why are we only giving a 'warm' welcome to new ...
.......... why not the members that have been here since we started? ;-)
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Closed: NEW SONGS..............
Thankyou for the new songs :)
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Closed: How come?
By essentially_frankie 8
This isn't a moan; please understand that straight away :-) I cannot get here as often as I wish to do, just of late and that w...
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Closed: Chatrooms - and personal drama...
By Heather_richsong 1
I know I am asking for it now.... But I have recently found myself very addicted to the chatrooms - yes MY PROBLEM, however, in...
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Closed: Woohoo New songs!
By mel 19
I love SingSnap! More than 10 pages of cool songs! Some back from LIC too! Rosie Gaines, Closer than Close & Surrender! Not tha...
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Closed: Excellent song list- Little River band is back,...
By Steven_Kaplan 43
Thanks Staff- We've been getting some excellent songs !
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