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Closed: two threads to avoid
By donnyxxx 24
Politics and beliefs...phew its hot in
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Closed: Drama in contest
By Fishy
I would like to apologize for asking a simple question, which turned a fun contest into a drama-club. It's just amazing to see ...
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Closed: Cut and Paste Feedback
By Frankieblue 47
I notice while browsing that some people "Cut and Paste" Feedback, sometimes changing the name and sometimes no name. Same feed...
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Closed: Tell me what you LIKE about SingSnap
By Annie 83
I have seen a lot of threads lately complaining about this or that and the other regarding SingSnap. I've seen complaints about...
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Closed: SingSnap Ate My Soul
By missmelissa23
Admit it you're addicted, =) if so; Own up to it. <<addicted to singsnap!!
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Closed: Vista compatible webcam with effects
By blue-nightingale 78 +3 +34
Can anyone reccomend a good quality webcam that is Vista compatible and has a good special effects feature package. I have just...
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Closed: Calling All SingSnap Poets!
By News_Team
Calling All Poets! Are you a poet? Do you know it? Would you like to see your original poem in SingSnap Rhythm & News? This is...
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Closed: New Songs Are Up!
By tony 88 +10 +16
Find these and others under 'Sing & Record' - 'New'.
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Closed: New definition for PM
By teenabeen 4
I spend alot of time on singsnap listening to other songs, singers, good and bad, i still make the effort, one day i sat down a...
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Closed: Overall Sound Quality On SS
By ShawnSnap 2
Please don't attack me, these are just my thoughts and views and I'm welcoming the opinions of others. I believe that since the...
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Closed: Singsnap Member Claims To Be The Antichrist
By jumpandyell 2
November 14, 2008 Reno, NV - A local 22 year old man claims that he is the one true Antichrist. ***** known as ***** on the onl...
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By mexi-can
Who has sang the most songs here on Sing Snap? and what is the # of songs.
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Closed: singsnap on facebook
By annie44 9
How come it aint working? says under construction has for a long time now lol i wanted to sing a xmas song again on there.. :P
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Closed: SingSnap on Facebook
Http:// Seems SingSnap entering n...
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Closed: A Big Thank You
By septemberbuddy 59 +5
I just want to thank the ones who voted my song,Till The Storm Passes By, into the Hall Of Fame, which I give Gray_Ghost (Terry...
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Closed: what is going on
By Lonestarsandollar 3
Three times I have recorded song today and they not be posted into new songs and so this way a lot of friends not seeing me ask...
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Closed: I've Been Sponsored
By Lisheous 10
I would like to take this time and opportunity to thank the wonderful Person for Sponsoring me... I don't know who you are... b...
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Closed: The Gold Rush is here!
By Per 65 +1
It's here! Watch Trevor's announcement: Read help info: http://www.s...
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Closed: No new songs yet?
By karaokegod73 20
Are you waiting til the free gold is over before adding the new songs for the week? I guess I could see the point in doing that...
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Closed: i tried
By TwiliteSoft
I can't sing on singsnap anymore? Since I can't afrord the Gold? wow
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