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Announcement: New Feature: Inner Circle Forum
By Per
With the recent introduction of the inner circle chat you could probably see this feature coming from a mile away, right? ;) An...
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Closed: Super elite membership !!
By lee_2007 7
What do you think about that ??
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Closed: That Trevor! Such A Sneak!
By M-a-r-e
What do you think? At the very end of Trevor's latest post on sponsorship, he stated he would have some big and exciting news o...
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Closed: Donation Fund for Super Elite Memberships
By Whymustuknow 16
I will be starting a donation fund in order to sponser folks who want to become Super Elite members. Please send all moneys (Am...
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Closed: gold member
By scorpiowm 1
How come trevor only picked certain people on here to be gold members for the month of april i did not see my name on the list ...
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Closed: vista 64 bit
By LYNN101 35
Im getting a new pc, will ss still work with windows vista 64 bit
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Closed: Favorites
By jbc_cdc 51
Can you have more than one favorite at a time? I had my son as a favorite and then added my wife but disovered that my son was ...
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Closed: What ever happened to...
By chidder 4
... The Singsnap Store? Discuss.
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Closed: what happened to the
By wizard_of_ice
Singsnap store....where you could buy T shirts and hats etc...?
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Closed: No Show Host
By shiningstar1956 12
Host that Host many of these contest's on singsnap are leaving the contestants hanging, without a clue as to wether the contest...
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Closed: Multimedia computer
By mel 17
Well, my stupid computer really makes it impossible to enjoy SingSnap. I'm planning to buy a new one as soon as possible. I'm n...
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Closed: I need a spring themed song
By mitocomicabra 4
I was just wondering if anyone can suggest some songs that are about spring?Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...Chee...
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Closed: Where on computer are SingSnap files stored?
By ScottRoberts 14
When recording a song, there's data transfer activity that corresponds to the progress bar on the recording applet. When the pr...
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Closed: Inner Circle Question
By lollymop 48
I noticed that I had a choice to activate chat or forum. I select yes on chat but now what hahaha how does it work and where do...
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Closed: Mean Comments
By Jenster
Be Aware of ***name removed*** he is writing nasty comments on peoples pages. I don't mind critisem, however peoples comments s...
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Closed: Abbreviations
By Colindo 13
Thankyou everyone for the help with the abbreviations, much appreciated....colindo
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Closed: Flagging
By Smokinmo 8
Okay, I'm new to the site. What is flagging, and how do I enter contests? Seems like you all seem to already know each other! I...
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Closed: my friends leaving SS
By WildMan2 2
Iam new here. within the last day i have gotten message from friends telling me they are leaving SS i just met them. i reply no...
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Closed: Another 50 for Friday
By tony 96 +2 +23
An exclusive gold release of some new and old songs. Find these and others under 'Sing & Record' - 'New'
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Closed: Original Content is coming when???
By Capriceharmony65 46
Looking forward to the original content recorders and was wondering when will they be here? ty huggs...oh I am lovin the stereo...
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