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Closed: song removed from last weeks releases??
By CrestenPixie 4
What happened to "no one mourns the wicked" from wicked (which was really "one short day"? was it taken down because it had the...
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Closed: Genre song searches
By blue-nightingale 92 +1
Is it me doing something wrong or have we lost the ability to search for songs to sing by Genre only. Now when I try to search ...
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Closed: Patron????
By MmeOdileC 32
What the heck is a patron? It says I am one? Haven't been here in I am clueless..LOL LOL ROFL
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Closed: enough country songs lol bring up the other gen...
By Mr_Smoocher 51
Country 5,741 songs almost double the nearest genre ..... sure would love to see the other genres get more songs before anymor...
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By sherloto
I have called 613-721-1107 twice today....this call is to Canada which is NOT cheap to call from the USA. I called to renew my ...
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Closed: Cupid Reveals All!!
By News_Team 1
Happy Valentine's Day!! As I promised.. I came back to answer those questions that do not appear in the Valentines special edi...
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Closed: member listing
By cali_jeepbabe1
I remember like a year ago when you clicked on finding a member it would list for example all the members starting with the let...
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Closed: New Releases
By tony 95 +15 +7
We've added more songs today. You can find these and others under 'Sing & Record' - 'New'.
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Closed: help needed please
By zedrider 53
Ive just been sent an email stateing a payment has just been taken from my account . for anouther month . there is then this te...
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Closed: Do we have a Folder to....
By luv2sing4eva 26
Add a link to a song on singsnap that has the wrong lyrics (words) that display for us to sing? If so, where is it? I just trie...
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Closed: Songs Added Today
By tony 95 +15 +7
You can find these and others under 'Sing & Record' - 'New'.
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Closed: :-( What is the quarantine folder?
By deedlerock 30
What and where and why? Just curious what it's for. Thanks!
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Closed: New songs?!
By owl909 3
I have recently joined the GOLD membership, and have been looking foward to some more new songs. In the Gold membership it stat...
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Closed: free 1 star ratings here for free....
By Saint_Patrick 14
Im willing to downrate your songs for free,just send me the link,or links,and i smack em down with a one! plus,as a added bonus...
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Closed: Misnamed and miscategorized songs...
By CrestenPixie 4
So very excited for new Wicked songs...a couple problems with them. "No One Mourns the Wicked" is actually "One Short day" "Dan...
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Closed: "FRIENDS" who run contest~~
By BonJohn
I have found that the contest we all love to enter are so bias it's not worth the 5,6, 8 weeks you put into them,,just to get l...
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Closed: contest's
By rokin1 43
I really would like to hear thing's you liked in contest's you have been in. please do not rant and rave about the ones that up...
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By News_Team 1
Ahem *clears throat* SINGSNAP RHYTHM & NEWS VOLUME #4 has finally arrived. It wasn't easy; we're an all new team and we had to ...
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Closed: IP???
By motsobuk 25
No problem...found out what is
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Closed: Ya know???
I just had a conversation with a friend about going back to blue, and I got..."oh no don't do that...they are trying to force t...
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