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Closed: How many here have Newfoundland Backgrounds?
By Hondus 26
For all my fellow Newfie's
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Closed: Quick New Release question
By MNM1983 79
Does anyone know when the 50 next new released songs are suppose to be out?
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Closed: Tech-Support Team Openings
By Bubba1 23
Do Not Post Your Information Below PM Bubba1 Tech-Support is looking for new team members. We are interested in specific skills...
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Closed: Paying For Gold Membership over the Phone
By trevor 51 +2
Are there current Blue members who want to purchase Gold but don't because you are unwilling to use PayPal? If so, would you pu...
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Closed: Out-of-sync video
By Layla-Jade
When I run the wizard, it tells me I have a very high speed computer, and a high speed upload rate, and I use a M$ LifeCam.. pe...
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Closed: Do you have to be a Gold member to duet with so...
By bobadee 6
Do you have to be a gold member now to duet with someone? I've tried, and it tells me I have to subscribe first. Is this new, o...
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Closed: Just a question...
By karaokegod73 20
Why are there people here solely for the purpose of spreading their political or religious views? These people don't even sing ...
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Closed: Yes, I have a Gold Member Question please?
By MNM1983 79
Ok, I am pretty new to SS and I wanted to get me a 7$ a month prescription but, I would have to go through Paypal and Palpal wa...
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Closed: find songs
By Superdad 3
How do I find a song that is listed as standard where it shows artist
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Closed: Friday so soon?
By tony 84 +46
Yep! It's Friday someplace! Check out the latest additions under 'Sing & Record' - 'New'.
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Closed: Your Priority at Singsnap- Before and After.
By Attezo 11
Most of us visit this site everyday, and if you say you don't, well, you know... ;) My priority here has changed over time, but...
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Closed: Dizzy Backgrounds
By -Tas- 68
Hi everyone.... I have a special request of all who use backgrounds on their songs. Please be careful that they aren't really e...
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Closed: They're Here!
By tony 84 +46
This weeks additions have finally arrived! Find these and others under 'Sing & Record' - 'New'.
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Closed: New to Paypal..
By Layla-Jade
..and not a clue how to use it. I've got it set up, my bank account has been verified, I have funds available; I just need a fe...
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Closed: anyone ever get this after their recording saved
By AngelMagicMuse 7
This recording is being mixed. Try again in a moment. when i went to play my recording back after i saved it this is what it sa...
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Closed: Block a person
By Malva 3
If I block someone I don't like this person to listen at my songs or get in to my site...why could they ???
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Closed: FAQ - Looks Great!
By Novella 102 +61 +1
Yeah: That looks awesome! Super informative! Well done, Per!!!
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Closed: Expiring Gold
By DMMc 40
Is there anywhere that I can find out when my Gold membership is going to expire? I'd like to know so I don't get a blue surpri...
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Closed: What to sing ..what to sing..
By beth063 20
Anyone else ever feel really stumped as to what they should sing?? I need some inspiration! I sometimes use the feature page to...
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Closed: gold members
By inky8 42
What does it really give us?, no advertisements, thats it,--a feature page that most times suck, a mixer, that most time does'n...
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