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Closed: Comments
By smokeyjoe
How do I delete a comment that I Made?
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Closed: sponsership
By kidirlam 4
I think the people willing to sponser blue members is a very noble and kind gesture i realy do. But what i keep thinking about ...
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Closed: SingSnap mentioned on
By Movielad 1
Part of an article comparing different Karaoke Sites: Don't think it's in any pa...
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Closed: Singsnap Statistics
By -Tas- 68
Ok i'm sitting here all curious again. Since I have joined singsnap close to two years ago I have seen it grow and grow. I'm wo...
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Closed: New member
By countryguy1
I have been a member since October and I have never found out how to enter a song in a contest.Will some one please explain it ...
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Closed: shades
By zedrider 44
Anyone noticed how many TECH-SUPPORT and ADMINS are wearing shades now ? must be very bright at snap house :-)
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Closed: What's the proper SS etiquette for my situaton?
By annalea 56
Hi, I'm new here. People are leaving a lot of favorable comments and I'd like to know if I am supposed to respond to each one. ...
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Closed: Christmas Songs - A Daily Release
By tony 90 +1 +20
During this festive season, we will be releasing one or two Christmas songs daily for all to enjoy whether you be blue or gold....
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Closed: Is it True?
By LupiAppleTushy 2
That now if you don't verify your email, you can't leave messages on peoples songs?
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By zedrider 44
I dont do this very ophten . but i would like to thank snap for pulling out all the stops on there adding of christmas songs ,n...
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Announcement: The "Hot" page
By Per 67
The "Hot" page in the Sing & Record section was starting to get a little out of date. It's now updated to show songs of ours th...
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Closed: Search and Listen To a Gold Song
By luv2sing4eva 25
Sung by a gold member, even if I'm not a gold member.... I didn't know I can't search for a gold song and hear how other member...
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Announcement: Schedule a tech support chat sess...
By Per 67
Did you know that if you have any problems or questions you can go to our live support chat room? It's located here: http://www...
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Closed: The Tech Support Team
By Per 67
Hi everyone, say hello to our new tech support team: rpweston2 Bubba1 Spanky Tom1970 wonkim00 These guys will help us with cust...
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By SomeSingingGuy
What does one have to do to get a simple comment around this place?
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Closed: remix when blue?
By annie44 9
I was gold and i turned back to blue ..i did songs yesterday that would not save when tried to sync em now today im blue and i ...
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Closed: sound card
By kidirlam 4
I have a new computer and have installed a new 3d sound card. I says full duplex 32 bit pci bus master. I am trying to get effe...
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Closed: unlimited harmonies?
By Finding_Bliss 22
Is there a way I can add more than one harmony track on songs? Every now and again I get a wild hair and wanna layer harmonies ...
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Closed: Does anyone else dance while singing?
By Dazzlyte 3
Just thought I'd find out if I'm the only one that can't sit still in a chair while singing. What do you do?
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Closed: moving contest threads to quickly
By Janey 65
I'm not sure what category this should be in, but i would just like it to be noticed, that i think some of the contest threads ...
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