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Closed: Do you Widget?
I like to use the widgets from various sources ..... it's convenient and allows for those who have recording software, to maste...
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Closed: friday fun day
By ohboy 3
How to get out of work I got flat tire sir kike, d my tire and brock my toes
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By lee_2007 7
April fools day......... :s Ok Maybe not, but after i posted the woohoooo abbas back thread they came back within oh i dont kn...
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Closed: Open the LIC songs !
By Tove_Sophia 29
What is a promise when nearly nothing happens... and now there is new songs comming up and liced the day after... what is this ...
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By lee_2007 7
April fools day :)
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Closed: Long songs
By guyscotland
Looking for a long song to sing, five minutes plus, any ideas?
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Closed: Karaoke
By Jimmyo_KK
Somehow it seems all the fun is taken out of karaoke. I know a lot of people sing really well but where is the fun. I want to h...
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Closed: Turn off Comments
By WildMan2 2
Why do people leave rude comments ? it has forced me turn off my comments. sad it had to come to this. yes i know you can block...
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Closed: New Member URLs!
By Jason 48
Now, you can go to and it will forward you directly to your profile page, like this:
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Announcement: New Feature: Inner Circle Chat
By Per
If you have an inner circle you can now activate a chat room for it! To do so, just go to the edit page for the inner circle an...
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Closed: Ooo, Owww, Yuck!
By GrannyNan
Just wanted all to know that I will be out of commission for a few days. Having surgery tomorrow, and it just might put me down...
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Closed: where is it?--lol
By AaronStamp
I haven't received the SS news for this month and just heard about the poem writing contest. Where do I find the link? I'm look...
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Closed: Curious?
By LisaJV 17
How do you block people who harass you? Thanks.
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Closed: Check your Graphics PLEASE
By -Tas- 71
Folks there are many graphics comments that are being left on songs that mess up any other people who would like to comment on ...
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Closed: what do you think
By WildMan2 2
I have noticed that on here when i had my picture on here i get alot more views. my picture not coming back for that reason i s...
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Closed: Sponsor Help - Songs deleted
By HillbillyHarmony 3
I just wanted to find out if I would be eligible for the Sponsorship Program since I can't sing anymore? I just want to save th...
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Closed: What SingSnap Means To Me
By iampears 41
Hello, would like to start this thread. Please share your comments. Thanks I’ve been having a blast here since I joined last m...
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Closed: How to enter contest
By fireball_tim_35 69 +1
I want to enter contest if I find out How to enter! fireball_tim_35 Someone please leave me a message on how & where to enter...
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Closed: New songs ??
By lee_2007 7
I understand we are getting the lic songs back and they are under gold membership, but will we be getting the new songs on frid...
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Closed: Gold Membership Help!
By Boney-Jo 33
I need your help please My Gold Card membership is due tomorrow....there is a drop down arrow for recipient but my name is not ...
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