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Announcement: It's Fine Hunting Weather! (For A...
By Novella 102 +18
Badge Hunting Is Fun! Brought back by popular demand, it's time to hunt for another badge! There is a new badge hidden within t...
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Last by __Angels__ 95 +51 20 days
20 days
Signs You Are a SingSnap Addict
By Annie 83
Do you think you are addicted to SingSnap? In our June magazine, we provided 15 ways you could tell if you are, but we bet that...
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Last by Muppetgal 52 21 days
21 days
By seven-up 23
Not been funny but i want to sing songs you haven`t got queen made in heaven im anoyed at this stage iv`e waisted my money to r...
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Last by madreemee 22 days
22 days
Gold Fund Awards For July!
By Novella 102 +18
Patron Fund Awards For July 2016! The following members have been selected to be the recipients of a one month Gold Membership ...
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Last by skiggy 19 22 days
22 days
Favorite warmup routine?
By Crashtestdummy 54
Do you have a favorite warmup routine? Do you warmup? Warming up is essential before singing. If you find your voice cracks or ...
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Last by --Cowboy-n-Katie-- 36 22 days
22 days
Notification when you are flagged as a favorite
By RowdyYates 50
I think that it would be nice if SS could send you a notification when someone adds you as a favorite singer. Currently, unless...
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Last by RowdyYates 50 23 days
23 days
Singsnap Radio
By CityandMusic 83
Welcome to the "Singsnap Radio" Sign-ups and discussion page! Hello, I am CityandMusic (Dusty) and I will be your Hostess for t...
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Last by TDC 92 +10 24 days
24 days
Closed: Do You....
By Novella 102 +18
Spend a lot of time on the Message Board? Are you fun, friendly and polite? Do you get along with a wide variety of people? Do ...
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Announcement: Song Content and Licensing
By trevor 51 +56
I know there is a lot here, but please read this completely before commenting As many of you know, the music industry as a whol...
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Last by MikeIII 97 25 days
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Closed: Feature Page Suggestions for July 1, 2016!
By Novella 102 +18
Post Your Feature Page Suggestions/Requests Here! Do you have a song you would like to sing on Friday and have it posted on the...
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Song Licensing Question (not the same old one)
By elycelynne 44
I understand the concept of licensing, so this isn't a thread to complain about "why are some songs only available to people ou...
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Last by Katie-and-Dennis 45 25 days
25 days
Gripes? Rants? and how to avoid them?
By RegC8210 47
I am very new here so of course I should be at my best behavior "but" as well as meeting some very nice folks, some very talent...
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Last by Spitfire64 3 26 days
26 days
By ZZ-Ed 55
A brief commentary. In the last couple of years I've noticed a definite "shift" in how SS contests are conducted. It has to do ...
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Last by SHANDEBEL 27 days
27 days
Announcement: Volunteer VIP Award - July 2015!
By Novella 102 +18
Thank-You To Our Volunteer VIP Uncle-Pauley! By every definition, Pauley is an incredible human being. He has so much passion f...
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Last by HaileyH9363 37 27 days
27 days
Announcement: Give Members Gold!
By Novella 102 +18
Let's Celebrate Summer With Gold! Brought back by popular demand is our super special promotion affectionately coined "GMG"! Th...
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Last by Tinypumpkin 86 +8 28 days
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Announcement: Volunteer VIP - September 2015!
By Novella 102 +18
Thank-You To Our Volunteer VIP ShazyA! Sharon is a remarkable woman and a wonderful volunteer. She has such an amazing spirit a...
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Last by HaileyH9363 37 28 days
28 days
By masse4life 62
I am currently interested in finding someone to co-write a song with. It can be from most any Genre however I have little exper...
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Last by masse4life 62 about 1 month
About 1 month
The ABC's Of Contest Hosting
By justghetto 50
A Contest Host has many obligations first ya must think what to name your Contest and find Banners that fit this Contest. As a ...
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Last by ImaChristian2 91 +1 about 1 month
About 1 month
Wow...Where is all the new Country these days.
By endorsing
It's been forever since snap posted "any" new country...what gives?
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Last by soundchris 82 about 1 month
About 1 month
Request for Song
By Beata1948 4
A request for a song was made a few weeks ago here at SingSnap, titled "Back Together", Jill Scott. I've not gotten a response ...
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Last by zacharydiva about 1 month
About 1 month