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Announcement: Rock Around The Christmas Tree Wi...
By Novella 110 +18 +26
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! We are so thrilled to be bringing hundreds of your voices together for the 2018 rendi...
463 replies
Last by DJcub75 67 24 minutes
24 minutes
Announcement: Volunteer VIP!
By Novella 110 +18 +26
Thank-You To Our Volunteer VIP Starr! Starr is such a kind spirited woman who always lights up a room! She has a fantastic pers...
35 replies
Last by TOLERANCEOFZERO 25 minutes
25 minutes
Announcement: Opinion Time!
By Novella 110 +18 +26
Hello SingSnap - What's YOUR Opinion? SingSnap has some great plans in the works to improve our beloved site and make it even b...
125 replies
Last by TOLERANCEOFZERO 31 minutes
31 minutes
By destinyboyer6 14
Hello everyone! I’m sorry it’s been about 5 years since I’ve been active in ss, but I used to always go to my step dads page (e...
2 replies
Last by Steve-G 90 about 9 hours
About 9 hours
Announcement: SingSnap Newsletter: May 2015
By Annie 85
So Much Fun, So Little Time! SingSnap: The Magazine, May 2015 Welcome to the May issue of SingSnap: The Magazine. We make a lot...
859 replies
Last by willajane 42 +2 about 11 hours
About 11 hours
Announcement: Second Annual Snappy Awards Show!
By Novella 110 +18 +26
You are cordially invited to participate in ... The Second Annual SingSnap's Chat Room Awards Show - The Snappys! The Second An...
31 replies
Last by willajane 42 +2 about 12 hours
About 12 hours
VIP LINKS FROM 2015 - 2018
By Curlyshirley 95
FYI The Volunteer VIP badges are never released until the 12th of each month HAPPY HUNTING :) VIP'S FOR 2015 January 14, 2015...
21 replies
Last by Curlyshirley 95 about 14 hours
About 14 hours
Christmas songs
By JiminKansas 64
Come on Singsnap, how about getting some pages of Christmas songs for the feature each night. It is Christmas time.
1 reply
Last by Time_Passages about 21 hours
About 21 hours
sing snap chorus
By RogerK9674 27
Roger kistlerk9674 rockin around the Christmas singing with tony melody http;/www.singsnap karaoke/r/c9bd7492d
4 replies
Last by Rainbow-Sunshine 107 about 22 hours
About 22 hours
Announcement: iOS Testers Wanted!
By Novella 110 +18 +26
We Would Love Your Help! Calling all iOS users! We are ready for your marvelous people to start testing our new iOS App! We hav...
68 replies
Last by VonnieHughes 80 1 day
1 day
SingSnap Resolutions!
By Novella 110 +18 +26
What's Your SingSnap Resolutions For 2017? It's that time of the year again! We look back at the past year and reminisce about ...
322 replies
Last by starsearch 104 +10 2 days
2 days
By CindiAnn 25
I posted a featured song, and it says "Refeature for 35 credits." What are credits??
2 replies
Last by elishaulik 1 2 days
2 days
Announcement: Cyber Monday - FLASH Sale!
By Novella 110 +18 +26
You Heard It Here First - Christmas Has Come Early! The folks at SingSnap Head Quarters are feeling a little wild and crazy and...
197 replies
Last by TROUBADOUR-1 44 2 days
2 days
An Inside Peak With Mandyriffic!
By Novella 110 +18 +26
Mandy Gets Real! Mandy joined the SingSnap Team full time earlier this year and is absolutely rockin' her new role within the o...
62 replies
Last by AnneB128 102 2 days
2 days
I Want Fans! Do YOU Want Fans?
By Novella 110 +18 +26
Have you ever ventured into someone's studio on SingSnap and sat in awe as you read their wall to wall comments! If you have ev...
65 replies
Last by AnneB128 102 2 days
2 days
By Annie 85
So, I am not as active on here as I used to be, but I sing from time to time and check out others and the boards, etc. I have n...
25 replies
Last by juanroberto 68 2 days
2 days
Closed: Feature Page Suggestions for December 7, 2018
By Novella 110 +18 +26
Post Your Feature Page Suggestions/Requests Here! Do you have a song you would like to sing on Friday and have it posted on the...
21 replies
My Anxiety
By -Harpn4fun- 91
I want to go to the chat room really bad. If there is a lot people my anxiety goes up. I would love to sing there, or get one I...
5 replies
Last by bubbaglenn 78 3 days
3 days
Announcement: Naughty, Nice and Moody - The Per...
By Novella 110 +18 +26
Oh The Holiday Feels! Sing it with me SingSnap; "It's the most wonderful time of the year...." It's time to be naughty or if yo...
12 replies
Last by DonaD6535 51 +1 4 days
4 days
Personal recording downloads
By Larrykinsey 18
We need to be able to download our own personal recordings to save on our computers. I find this very annoying and Singsnap see...
14 replies
Last by juanroberto 68 5 days
5 days
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