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Volunteers are an essential part of the community here on SingSnap! Whether they're running events, chatting up a storm or giving you an outlet to express yourself and have fun - they're a vital part of the SingSnap family! This space is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of our world class volunteers! Every two weeks a new volunteer will be featured so be sure to check back often and take a moment to stop by their songs and show some love!

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Mark has been a volunteer on this website for a long time and has wore a ton of different hats. He is currently a Lead-Admin for the Chat Family. He gives his heart and soul to this website and is always tinkering, trying to find ways to make our members experience more fun and enjoyable. Mark's commitment to SingSnap shows in everything he does and we're very thankful to have such an amazing person on our Volunteer team! Thank-You!

Tainted Love
Marilyn Manson

Jar Of Hearts
Christina Perri

Don't Cry
Guns N' Roses

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  • annie1958 +1 6: r/c0a406bab California!! :)
    18 minutes ago.

  • karinrochelle 7: Don't promote your song on my song. It is not cool. I gladly visit those who visit/comment.
    about 2 hours ago.

  • diverdan56 : CRY TO ME r/bea6d6c1b
    about 3 hours ago.

  • starr112: Sweet dreams.....
    about 3 hours ago.

  • MarianneMontana: Busy with summer back soon. don't forget me please!
    about 3 hours ago.

  • zardozz: If I don't find myself soon I will forget where I was when I lost myself!
    about 4 hours ago.

  • ELVIS_USA 2: *elvis_usa*sings*confederate railroad*"queen of memphis" r/b3abd2fd8
    about 4 hours ago.

  • Voice_Guru +2 3: Billy Joel:watchandlisten/play/af667311f
    about 4 hours ago.

  • dannyrichards 7: MOM left us today to join Dad w/the angels at 6:28 pm…7/21/14…RIP MOM….
    about 4 hours ago.

  • mellady: Hold on tight to your dreams......
    about 4 hours ago.