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Tina is a valued member of the SingSnap Events team. She is a woman made up of strength and determination. She has been a long-term volunteer who has shown incredible dedication and quiet passion for the site. We are very thankful to have her on board! Thanks Tina!

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  • kristengoehl: Every song on my sing list is by a group with a male vocalist...
    17 minutes ago.

  • Teachersrule: Come On Get Happy!!!! r/bd929d70b
    about 1 hour ago.

  • luv2rhime: Attitude is the difference between and ordeal and an adventure!
    about 1 hour ago.

  • Bill_Wolfsong: Taking a rest for a bit
    about 2 hours ago.

  • Misty_Rose: Tys 4 listens today im off for sugergy morning hope to be home mid afternoon hugs 2 U**
    about 2 hours ago.

  • Voice_Guru: GODZILLA:watchandlisten/play/ba8a23e1b
    about 2 hours ago.

  • Butch32852: Our web site is now updated and on line, link on my last song:
    about 2 hours ago.

  • pistol: " Since I Don't Have You "
    about 3 hours ago.

  • Amy_Bierhaus-2009: I <3 SingSnap Contests!! <3
    about 4 hours ago.

  • Goxnadly: I like brownies
    about 5 hours ago.